In today’s world, many hotels, resorts, and other commercial businesses use Pro:Idiom to encrypt their television signals to provide high-quality service and security to their customers. If you are the owner or property manager at a hospitality business, you should consider utilizing Pro:Idiom for your business needs. This technology is crucial to the security of your facility, as well as preventing piracy from occurring at your business. Here, our commercial audio/visual installation experts at Aufderworld Corporation will discuss Pro:Idiom and why you should consider using it for your commercial business.

What is Pro:Idiom?

Pro:Idiom is a new-age technology that allows you to encrypt your business’s TV signal, which provides higher security for your business. Pro:Idiom is primarily used in commercial hospitality businesses to enhance digital security for your operation. Multiple large corporations, such as ESPN and HBO, use this technology to prevent piracy from occurring, and they require Pro:Idiom be utilized before they let hospitality businesses include their channels in their TV services.


At Aufderworld Corporation, our team of audio/visual design experts can design a DIRECTV system that is fully encrypted to prevent anyone from illegally taking content from the digital stream. We specialize in DIRECTV system design and installation and will ensure your hotel or other hospitality business has the security it needs. To learn more about Pro:Idiom, contact Aufderworld Corporation today.  

Why is Pro:Idiom Important For Hospitality Businesses?

In today’s world, with streaming services and HD digital programming, it’s crucial for businesses to protect their signals to prevent piracy and other illegal services. For experienced hackers and even novices, it’s simple to steal digital content for their own uses from unencrypted digital signals. If you are paying to have a digital service available for your hospitality business, you need to have the signal encrypted to ensure your guests or even outside hackers cannot get into your signal and illegally steal digital content for their own personal gain. Not only is it illegal, but it is also hurting your business if you are paying for a service that others are stealing content from.


At Aufderworld, our team of audio/visual experts can have your TV signal digitally encrypted. We specialize in DIRECTV installation and distribution for commercial businesses and will ensure your DIRECTV signal is encrypted and protected for your hospitality business.

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