With everything that’s been going on lately, it might be a relief to remember that football season is right around the corner! The sport has a way of bringing people and families together, providing welcome relief from day-to-day struggles. Get ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy the game while reaping the profits airing it in your facility brings.

Or can you? With the Coronavirus still making national headlines, the future of football right now looms uncertain. Though at the time of writing this, the season has not been outright canceled, many people speculate that the NFL will face challenges in the coming months as it works to ensure the safety of its players and fans.

Whether or not football season goes on in full, one thing is clear: your facility is going to want commercial DIRECTV from our audio/visual consultants and A/V installation experts at Aufderworld.

Keep Your Patrons Informed or Entertained: The Choice is Yours

If football season goes on as it was originally planned, your facility will be set to air all the best games with DIRECTV. Only a select number of operations have opened during this time; it’s a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the draw that football undoubtedly has on clients of a variety of age groups. You’ll be primed and ready to maximize your facility’s profit potential!

On the other hand, if football season does not go as planned, you’ll still have access to a variety of informative and entertaining channels with which to draw clientele. Rethink the way you cater to patrons with the help of over 100 channels. In this chaotic day and age, a little bit of that might certainly be in order, and you’ll have the digital resources to succeed with Aufderworld.

Today, versatility and variety is the name of the game. Businesses everywhere must have a variety of approaches available to them to draw the limited clientele available, and they must actively switch up those approaches as the need arises, and the global situation evolves. DIRECTV from Aufderworld, be it DIRECTV for hotels, apartment, or another industry entirely, grants your company this versatility, enabling you to swiftly and effectively change your media approach—what channel airs in public areas, for example—to pull in as many customers as possible, no matter what the future holds.

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