If you are looking to enhance both the internal and external communication within your commercial business, you should consider installing a video wall or multiple video walls to enhance your business. Video walls can be programmed to display one cohesive message or a variety of different messages curtailed for your business. When you choose to have digital signage installed at your business, you can keep your customers and employees constantly updated, which improves your business’s efficiency and will improve customer and employee satisfaction. Here, our team at Aufderworld Corporation will discuss the benefits of video walls and why they are a great option for any business.

The Benefits of LED Video Walls

Video walls are typically comprised of at least four LED video screens—sometimes more—mounted on a wall in a commercial business. Typically, our customers request their video walls be installed in highly populated areas, so they are easy to see for both customers and employees. You can display a variety of informational pieces on these screens, such as:

●        Videos

●        Presentations

●        Advertising

●        Events

●        Company Information


When you choose Aufderworld for your video wall installation, we can design and customize them to be programmed whenever you want. Additionally, we can design them so your employees can be in charge of their programming, as well.


By utilizing a video wall, you can control the information your employees and guests see, as well as allow for simpler advertising. By placing your video wall in a common area, such as your office building’s lobby or the common area of your multi-unit residential building, senior living facility, or hospitality business, you are providing a central area for your residents, employees, or guests to view pertinent information. Utilizing one of these digital signage solutions is a more efficient way to distribute necessary information, as opposed to handing out flyers or hanging small, un-noticeable signs in common areas.

Create a Seamless Presentation

When you choose our team at Aufderworld Corporation for your video wall design and installation, we can customize it with a centralized control system. This means you can create a designated space to program each day’s video presentation. Whether you want one cohesive message across the screens, different messages on each, or a mixture of the two, you can control how they are displayed from your customized control system.

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