Digital Signage

Enhance Your Business with Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is an easy, affordable way to display information and advertising in your commercial business. Digital signage can be displayed all over your facility, and can be set up so different signs display different information, videos, and more. By choosing Aufderworld for your needs, we can specially design digital signage to be controlled and displayed throughout your commercial building, which allows you to inform your guests and tenants while also providing entertaining displays.

Spread News Quickly

By installing digital signage around your commercial business, you can ensure your guests and residents are properly informed at all times. Installing a digital signage player allows you to get easy advertising for your business and also allows you to quickly and easily update your customers about activities and events happening with your business or in the area. This can be especially useful in businesses like:

As long as your guests and tenants pass a digital sign daily, they can be up-to-date on all activities. We teach you and your employees how to program and design your digital signage so you can constantly keep it updated for activities happening in your business.

Enhance Your Business With MyChannel

Aufderworld’s MyChannel feature allows you to create a presentation you can display for your guests. These presentations consist of multiple slides that can communicate any type of information. MyChannel can be integrated with any type of display system, allowing you to update your guests or tenants on anything company or community related, including:

  • Weather updates
  • Clocks
  • Company or event information
  • And more

Additionally, you can choose a feature to display separate information in both guest rooms and in the lobby or other public areas of your building for a reasonable cost. Not only can you display different information, but you can upload videos, PowerPoint presentations, widgets, and playlists while implementing flawless transitions for your presentation.

Get A Quote For Your Digital Signage Project Today

If you’re looking for a reputable company for your digital signage solutions, get in contact with Aufderworld Corporation today. Our team of experts have been designing and installing customized A/V systems for our customers since 1983. We provide state-of-the-art technologies and designs for all clients, putting us above the competition. If you want to learn more information or receive a quote for your project today, call us at 763-233-7700 or message us on our contact page.

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