Media Rooms

Commercial Media Room Installation

Give your guests or tenants a taste of luxury with a Though they are similar to home theaters, media rooms have a few distinct differences. Media rooms are useful for many commercial businesses, including:

In some cases, media rooms provide a much needed distraction from the real world, like in healthcare facilities, while in other places, they are simply another form of entertainment.

Design The Space For Your Exact Needs

A media room provides an excellent space for your guests or tenants to get away from the world and get to know one another. While home movie theaters provide one sole purpose, media rooms can play host to a variety of activities. The main draw toward media rooms is that they’re designed for large TV or movie viewing parties, but guests can still move around the space to visit with others.

Because of this, media rooms are the ideal space to host a party or other event. If your guests or tenants are planning on having a large group of friends or family over, they can rent out your media room. With a media room, the possibilities are endless. Host a football viewing party, a neighbor get-together, or a different event to get the best use out of your space.

Install A Control System For Optimal Use

To make your media room stand out above similar rooms in other facilities, customize it with a central control system. When you choose to have a control system installed, you can manipulate nearly every feature of the room, including the lighting, temperature, sound, screens, and more.

At Aufderworld, we can design your centralized control system so it can be used from a variety of tools. Our technicians can install a wall mount where you and your guests or tenants can select your preferences, or we could install the system so it can be controlled from individual phones or tablets, and more. Additionally, we can design your system so it can be used on multiple platforms.

Create A Friendly, Cohesive Environment

Media rooms are typically the gathering place for big events or parties hosted by either your business or one of your guests or tenants. These areas can be custom designed by commercial entertainment installers, like Aufderworld, to have capabilities for:

  • TV or movie viewing
  • Gaming
  • Entertaining

Within your media room, you can also incorporate custom DIRECTV packages. With Aufderworld’s DIRECTV options, you can get 120+ channels, DVR, advanced TV systems, picture clarity, and more. Our DIRECTV services have been proven to increase occupancy for our clients, whether they are renting their building or running a hotel, as well as increase guest and tenant happiness.

If you choose to have DIRECTV installed in your media room, we can design your system so it can also be managed from a centralized control system. By installing DIRECTV in your media room, your guests or tenants can bond over shared events and enjoy a shared atmosphere.

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