As new technologies are continuously developed, the hospitality industry is constantly changing, so it can be difficult to keep up with demand. Guests want to stay at reasonably priced hotels and resorts that also offer some of the best amenities on the market. While it’s unrealistic to believe that hotels and resorts can constantly upgrade to fit the newest trends, it is expected that most of the amenities are new and offer a certain level of grandeur that some customers normally don’t get at home. These new technology trends range from built-in movie theaters to all-inclusive DIRECTV packages.


Here, our experts at Aufderworld will discuss recent technological trends and how they are forcing the hospitality industry to adapt.

Custom DIRECTV Options

At Aufderworld, we have been setting the industry standard for years with custom DIRECTV installation. To compete in today’s hospitality industry, your hotel or resort needs to offer some sort of specialized entertainment system. When you choose DIRECTV for your entertainment system needs, you can fully customize your program, so each guest gets the most out of their stay with you.


Guests expect to have a vast amount of channels and movies available for no additional cost. To meet these growing expectations, you must implement a new system. When you choose Aufderworld for your DIRECTV needs, we provide a variety of amenities, including:


●        COM3000 - This environmentally friendly system supports hundreds of HD channels and is hosted in one small box. Each small box is hooked up in the needed space and connected to the main box. 

●        DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE) - Similar to COM3000, but slightly less inclusive, these receivers are in each room and host over 100 HD channels. Additionally, there are parental controls available.

●        NFL Sunday Ticket - When you choose to install NFL Sunday Ticket at your facility, you will appease many guests by allowing them to watch their favorite team even while they’re on vacation.

Movie Theaters and Media Rooms

A fun, additional space you can add to any hotel or resort is a media room or movie theater. Both of these options provide an added amenity for your customers and put you above the competition. Though they are very similar, movie theaters are designated for large-group movie viewing, while media rooms are designed to also include games, multiple TVs or projector systems, and they can be transformed into a game or party area.

Digital Signage

Another popular feature in many resorts and hotels is digital signage. By simply hooking up a screen that can be controlled and programmed from a centralized location, you can display pertinent information throughout your building, so your guests are informed at all times.

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