As new technologies are continuously developed, the hospitality industry is constantly changing. If you run a hotel or restaurant, you already know it can be difficult to keep up with customer demand as tech becomes more advanced and more impressive.

Guests want to stay at reasonably priced hotels and resorts that also offer some of the best amenities on the market, from built-in movie theaters to all-inclusive DIRECTV packages. While it’s unrealistic to believe that all hotels and resorts can constantly upgrade to fit the newest trends, it is expected that most of your amenities are new and offer a certain level of grandeur that customers don’t normally get at home.

Let’s take a closer look at some recent technological trends and how they are forcing the hospitality industry to adapt.

Custom DIRECTV Options

Guests expect to have a vast amount of channels and movies available for no additional cost because they already have them at home.

That means to compete in today’s hospitality industry, your hotel or resort needs to offer some sort of specialized entertainment system. When you choose DIRECTV, you can fully customize your programming so each guest gets the most out of their stay with you.

Choosing a modern system will also help you meet guest demands as they grow, and when you partner with Aufderworld for your DIRECTV needs, we provide a variety of new-age amenities. Our team has set the industry standard for years with custom DIRECTV installation!


COM3000 streamlines the hotel  TV experience—or the experience of any other business that has many commercial televisions—by making channel-changing all the easier.

With many televisions occupying the same space (such as, for example, in your facility’s bar), it can be tricky to change the channel of just a single one thanks to all the remotes you’d need to keep track of. Alternatives were quite expensive until COM3000 came along! Thanks to its web-based style, it enables seamless shifts between television channels on a computer, tablet, or smart device. It’s seamless in terms of user interface, as well, so onboarding time is next to none.

Our environmentally friendly COM3000 system supports hundreds of HD channels and is hosted in one small box. Each small box is hooked up in the needed space and connected to the main box.

DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)

Similar to COM3000 but slightly less inclusive, these receivers exist in each room and host over 100 HD channels. Additionally, there are parental controls available.

While COM3000 is extensive and built for commercial use, the DIRECTV Residential Experience—as its name implies—is better suited for areas in which television use is more of an isolated affair. This can include rooms themselves or other spaces in which keeping track of remotes isn’t an issue.

NFL Sunday Ticket

If your clientele love game day, then this is a commercial DIRECTV feature for you. NFL Sunday Ticket provides access to Sunday football games, as well as gives you complimentary advertising from DIRECTV for use on your social media page as well as in physical locations.

On top of that, your facility will be noted in DIRECTV’s app that helps potential game viewers find a spot to watch the game, which in turn can help you rake in customers.

Movie Theaters and Media Rooms

A fun, additional space you can add to any hotel or resort is a media room or movie theater. Both of these options provide an added amenity for your customers and put you above the competition.

Though they are very similar, movie theaters are designated for large-group movie viewing, while media rooms are designed to also include games, multiple TVs or projector systems. Media rooms can also be transformed into a game or party area.

Digital Signage

Another popular feature in many resorts and hotels is digital signage. By simply hooking up a screen that can be controlled and programmed from a centralized location, you can display pertinent information throughout your building, so your guests are informed at all times.

Video Walls

Corresponding with guests’ desires for a bigger and better hotel experience, video wall systems have become quite the trend in modern-day hotels. They’re more than many commercial televisions lined up – they can display one larger-than-life image or video, drastically changing the ambiance of a room.


If you’re of the more practical sort, video wall screens can also be split up and function similar to digital signage, displaying all sorts of information that your guests need to have their best stays.

Learn more about the benefits of video walls for your business!

Control Systems

When your guests demand higher levels of service, your staff needs the support to provide that service. And you can give it to them with control systems!

No longer will your team need to rush about firing up light systems, audio systems, and more while also trying to help guests with their questions – a control system can centralize a variety of building functions, streamlining service. Facility maintenance becomes all the easier, too!

Check out how control systems can boost your business.

Hearing Loops

Accessibility is a big buzzword these days, and your hotel should be doing all it can to enable people of all sorts to access its services. A solid step towards this: installing commercial hearing loop systems. Using magnetism, this audio visual technology connects with new-age hearing aids, transfering sound directly to them, enabling seamless connectivity and a snag-free stay.

Sound Masking

Nothing’s more relaxing than a little peace and quiet, and sound masking systems are the number-one way for your hotel to bring that luxury to your guests.

By playing targeted noise that mimics the frequency of human speech, sound masking makes conversations that occur far away harder to understand, thus reducing distractions and making a space seem quieter. In a multi-client hotel where all your guests want is a getaway, this can make your facility seem all the more posh and attractive.

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