Customized Audio/Video For Your Government Building

Like any other commercial business, Aufderworld can install and customize audio/visual systems for your government building. Our expert team will design and customize your system based on your needs—whether it’s a simple digital sign for promotional purposes, or a complex CCTV system to increase your facility’s security. We put our customers first and will do what we can to get you the system you need.

Utilize Our Array Of Audio/Visual Systems To Increase Ease, Safety, And Productivity

With a GSA certification, we have the capabilities to custom design A/V systems for government buildings in addition to places of business. Our team of experts is capable of installing anything from media rooms to customizing conference rooms and auditoriums. We can design multiple state-of-the-art systems, including:

Projector and sound systems

At Aufderworld, we can install custom audio/visual systems, including projectors and sound systems. These systems are useful in large spaces, such as conference rooms or auditoriums. We can customize these systems based specifically on your particular organization’s needs.

Hearing loops

Additionally, we can install custom hearing loops for large areas, such as auditoriums. Hearing aids help in one-on-one or small group conversations, however, they do not always work well in large areas. With hearing loops, sound waves are magnetically transferred directly into the ears of the hearing impaired. Most hearing devices are now built with a small telecoil that simply needs to be turned on when you enter a room with a hearing loop installed.

Digital signage

We install and customize digital signage for any government facility. Digital signage is great for providing easy advertising, as well as information about your company, events, and any other pertinent information. Additionally, we can show you how to program your signs, so if you have more than one, you can display different information on different signs. We can also install a control system so you can monitor and program from one location.

Video walls

Similar to digital signage, video walls can be used to display information about your organization or department, used for advertising, and more. A video wall is a group of four or more screens linked together that together display a large, cohesive image or message. Each of the individual screens can be customized so they display different information than the other screens, as well. All of these screens can also be controlled by a central control system.


At Aufderworld, we also install customized CCTV systems that allow you to monitor your buildings to ensure you are as secure as possible. Not only do CCTV systems help keep you, your employees, and your guests safe, but they also are useful for evidence and liability protection if anything were to happen.

Install Custom DIRECTV Packages To Improve Your Business

When you choose Aufderworld for your entertainment system needs, we can give you the best DIRECTV packages on the market. As the top DIRECTV provider in the area, we can install a variety of features and packages, including COM3000.

We Are GSA Certified

There are a select few number of companies authorized to work on or install audio/video and television systems in government buildings. In order to do major work on government buildings, companies need to obtain certification from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The process to obtain this certification is not easy, and the GSA goes through a lengthy process to ensure each company they certify is reputable and qualified. At Aufderworld, we have been working with government buildings for over 35 years, and are listed as a GSA certified company.

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If you’re looking for a reputable commercial entertainment system installation company in the Twin Cities area, look no further than Aufderworld Corporation. Since we opened our doors in 1983, we have been providing custom solutions for every client’s needs. From home theaters to hearing loop systems, we can do it all. For more information or to request a fair-priced quote, give us a call at 763-233-7700 or message us on our contact page.