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Give Your Residents The Best Technology Available

At Aufderworld, our experienced audio/video professionals create specialized entertainment systems for a variety of spaces, including senior housing facilities. By implementing specific entertainment systems, we can increase your residents’ quality of life. Along with our TV installation services, our partnership with DIRECTV means you can choose from a variety of senior TV cable plans, which allow you to choose which best fits your facility’s needs. Our services are proven to increase occupancy and enjoyment in senior housing facilities.

Invest In DIRECTV Features

When you choose Aufderworld, you have the option of receiving top-of-the-line DIRECTV programs. We offer a variety of features for our senior living TV plans. One of our more popular amenities is NFL Sunday Ticket. Some additional features include:

  • 120+ channels
  • HD signal
  • Small DIRECTV receivers or DVRs
  • COM3000
  • And more

Our DIRECTV plans keep residents happy and improve their quality of life by keeping them constantly entertained. Our systems can be customized for any senior living facility.

Our Additional Audio/Video Services

In addition to our retirement home TV programs, we can customize your facility in a variety of ways. Not only can we install DIRECTV packages, we can implement a variety of other features, including:

Hearing Loops

Hearing loop systems are designed to help hearing impaired individuals hear more clearly in large, sometimes crowded spaces. When you’re in an auditorium or other room with an existin hearing loop, you simply have to hit the button on your hearing aid to get the sound magnetically transferred into your ears.

Control Systems

If you would like to control certain aspects of your building from one, centralized location, contact our expert team. At Aufderworld, we can install control systems that allow you or your residents to control aspects of certain rooms, like media rooms. You can control temperature, lighting, audio, and more from a variety of applications, such as phones or monitors.

Sound Masking

At Aufderworld, we can install sound masking systems to block out excessive noise and give your residents the peace and quiet they crave. These systems emanate white noise, which reverberates through the room or hallway, creating a peaceful sound that overrides distractions.

Movie Theaters

We can customize empty rooms in your commercial building to resemble movie theaters. We install custom projectors, lighting systems, audio systems, and more. Movie theaters are an excellent way to provide your residents with a quiet space to relax.

Media Rooms

Similar to movie theaters, media rooms can also be customized for certain activities. However, media rooms are designed to fulfill multiple purposes. These spaces are designed to play host to events like watch parties, game nights, and more.

Digital Signage

By having digital signage installed throughout your senior housing facility, you can ensure your residents, their guests, and your staff are informed of what’s happening at all times. You can set up your signage so it displays certain information at specific times, as well as instructions for certain events, and more.

Video Walls

Similar to digital signage, video walls can be used to display specific information at pertinent times. However, video walls consist of more than one screen—typically four or more—wired together. These screens can show one cohesive image, or they can be designed so certain screens display one thing while others display something else.


Each technological feature can be customized for specific rooms and buildings. We prioritize your needs above all else and will explore every possible solution so you can choose what’s best for you.


Case Study

The Challenge:
A 130-unit newly constructed assisted living residence recently opened in the Midwest. The community was tasked with increasing occupancy rates while reducing television programming rates.

The Result:
They chose Aufderworld's unique and creative solutions geared to employ entertaining technology while enabling residents who want more channels to get more. The assisted living residence set a company record for reaching 100% occupancy in just eight months. In addition to a DIRECTV residential upgrade system, Aufderworld provided a movie theater with a fiber optic twinkling star ceiling, background music in the common areas, an Informational Community Channel.

Contact Aufderworld Today

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art, yet easy-to-use-and-understand nursing home TV plans, look no further than Aufderworld Corporation. Our expert team can provide your commercial facility with a variety of entertainment systems. Each of our services and systems can be specifically designed to fit your needs. We are accessible 24/7 and will do whatever we can to ensure your business increases revenue and your residents’ enjoyment. To learn more about our services, call us at 763-233-7700 or message us on our contact page.

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