At Aufderworld, as a team of A/V installation pros, we stress the importance of personalized audio/visual solutions. What works for one business might be redundant or cumbersome for another, so we strive to understand your needs and construct a tech system that's right for you.

That being said, because of our experience in the commercial television industry, we do know of a single one-size-fits-all investment that is a hit in all sorts of fields: Commercial DIRECTV.

Below, we'll detail exactly why, as well as what a great television package can do for your company to help you dominate.

Provide Nonstop Entertainment

In R&R-based industries, such as hotels and sports bars, it's all but impossible to keep guests entertained twenty-four-seven—unless you have the luxury of staff that wanders around with charcuterie boards or liquor samples and provides constant conversation!

If your business is based on fun—or even if you just care about your customers—you want to give your clients their money's worth, even during otherwise boring activities. You can do just this when you invest in commercial DIRECTV!

From football season favorites to local stations with its variety of channels, there's always something on to entertain your customers, even when you can't send staff there personally.

Give Employees Respite

Whether you run a hotel or work in a government facility, sometimes we all just need a break—hence, of course, what break rooms are for. That being said, taking a breather in a space where there's nothing interesting to do sometimes doesn't feel like a break; it just feels like waiting around, staring at the wall, until you're back on the clock!

With commercial DIRECTV, you can provide workers with a familiar source of relaxation in their favorite shows, adding value to their breaks and letting them return to the job at hand cheerful and refreshed.

Add Client Comfort

Consistency is comfortable, and with DIRECTV's vast variety of shows, comfort for your clients is just a remote control away.

Tucking into bed at night with your favorite reality TV program in the background or viewing a nature documentary to soothe a stressful government procedure—the applications for this are endless.

Customers don't just need to be entertained to interact positively with your business; they need to be granted solace, too.

Install It Anywhere

Regardless of the size of your business, DIRECTV can be installed in any room on your property. It doesn't matter how many TVs you have; you'll get full HD experiences in every space.

When this is combined with the extensive channels available, there will be something for everyone, no matter the location, making that an attractive commodity for visitors.

It Comes with Cutting Edge Technology

With streaming at an all-time high, the way programming is consumed in today's digital age has evolved. DIRECTV is one of the providers offering HD programming in various channels and cutting-edge features.

It boasts an impressive 4K and HD programming option, giving your patrons and customers a vibrancy that offers depth and clarity to their viewing experience.

The technology allows them to rewind, pause, and fast forward live TV while streaming, ensuring they don't miss one moment of their favorite shows, events, or movies.

You Can't Beat the Advanced DVR Options

There's nothing worse than missing a favorite show, and DIRECTV offers high-definition DVR options so your patrons and visitors never have to.

Long gone are the days of VSH tapes, and the advanced DVR system's footage is HD. It can be recorded at various levels of quality even while watching other programs, giving viewers a hassle-free experience that offers more consistency than cable TV.

Aufderworld: Legendary Service, Personalized Tech Solutions

There's no doubt that DIRECTV is an excellent choice for almost any business, and since 1983, the Aufderworld team has been specializing in the highest level of products and customer service that our clients know and trust.

From custom AV system upgrades for your bar to video wall installations, our audio/visual professionals team is ready and waiting to bring stellar entertainment and more to your business.

Our team is here to answer all your questions, so reach out online or give our Minneapolis office a call today at 763-233-7700.