Get The Best DIRECTV Features With Aufderworld

When you choose Aufderworld to install your custom DIRECTV system, you receive state-of-the-art care and services. We offer a variety of features, as well as many upgrade programs. Some of our DIRECTV features include:

  • COM3000
  • DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • And more

We are the top commercial DIRECTV provider in the Twin Cities area and have been providing high-quality services for our customers since 1983.

DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)

DIRECTV’s Residential Experience (DRE) brings your senior housing facility, hotel, resort, or other business to a new level. With DRE, your guests get instant access to over 100 HD channels. Additionally, your guests have access to parental controls, receivers in each area of their room, and the residential interactive programming guide. We have provided numerous multi-unit facility with DIRECTV DRE installation to ensure your guests have the most entertainment possible and enjoy their stays so much that they come back.


DIRECTV’s COM3000 equipment is the best in the business, environmentally friendly, and can be easily installed in your commercial building if you decide it’s the right choice for you. If you choose to add COM3000 to your DIRECTV plan, you get a variety of features that are not available elsewhere. Because of the features included with COM3000, it is most useful with DIRECTV for hotels.

COM3000 can support hundreds of channels, while also hosting up to 138 or 276 HD channels, depending on what system you select. This system also supports hundreds of channels in a small piece of equipment, making it the first of its kind to have that capability.

In addition to supporting hundreds of regular and HD channels, the COM3000 system can also be remotely managed for all properties the system is installed in. This system is capable of supporting 4K HDR, as well. Other features include:

  • Equipment that can be easily upgraded
  • The distribution of QAM and IP videos
  • The ability to be managed through a web interface
NFL Sunday Ticket

When you choose a DIRECTV package, you get the choice of having NFL Sunday Ticket added to your plan. NFL Sunday Ticket can increase your revenue on game days, especially if you are operating a bar or restaurant. A recent survey completed by DIRECTV showed that sports bars and restaurants with the channel available had about 45% more business on game days than they did on other days.

You can easily advertise your NFL Sunday Ticket package, as well. When you choose this plan, you get complimentary advertising courtesy of DIRECTV. Web banners can be implemented on your social media platforms and website, and you can receive physical advertising tools. Additionally, the DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder App will show your business’s location as a spot to catch the game, which can bring in more customers.

For several years, the NFL football has been the most viewed sport in the U.S., edging out the MLB. By subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket, you can create an unbeatable atmosphere in your bar or restaurant and make it “the place to be on Sundays.”

DIRECTV Upgrade Systems

No matter what entertainment system you currently have, you can work with Aufderworld to upgrade it so you have the best equipment on the market. If you’re looking to change service providers to DIRECTV, we can provide a quote and seamlessly switch over your system. Additionally, if you already have DIRECTV and want to add new features, we can work with you on a budget to determine your needs and how to achieve them.

Contact Aufderworld For Your DIRECTV Installation

If you’re looking for the best DIRECTV provider, contact Aufderworld Corporation today. Our expert team has been installing DIRECTV and its additional features since 1994, and we have been installing a variety of other entertainment systems since 1983. To learn more about our DIRECTV Installation capabilities and other services, call us at 763-233-7700 or message us on our contact page.