Do you own or operate a hospitality business? Are you looking for a way to attract more guests to your business or a high-powered clientele looking for the most technologically advanced hotels and resorts?

If so, contact Aufderworld Corporation today for the best audio/visual system solutions on the market. A few years ago, not many hospitality businesses would have thought of using a converged network for their needs, but in today's world, it is crucial that you do.

At Aufderworld, our licensed technicians can come to your hospitality business to evaluate your current system and create a plan to install a new system for your property. Here, we will discuss what a converged network can do for you and why you should consider it for your hotel or resort. 


What is a Converged Network? 

If you operate a hospitality business, you know you have several different networks that help your business operate. Typically, you will have a data, voice, and video network.

While this worked well previously, as technology continues to advance and guests are looking for the best technological advances, it is quickly becoming outdated. For this reason, many hospitality businesses are changing things up and investing in converged networks.

Instead of relying on separate vendors for data, voice, and video availability, many hospitality businesses are switching to a single vendor to provide you with every network you need to run your business. 

What Are the Benefits of a Converged Network? 

Investing in a single vendor for all of your hotel or resort’s network needs comes with a plethora of benefits, including: 

Improve Network Performance 

In the past, with separate vendors for individual networks, if your customers complained about slow or non-functioning networks, you’d have to call each one individually to discover if it was causing the issue.

With a converged network, you know exactly who to call and can resolve the issue immediately. This lets you solve the problem quickly and cater to your guest’s other needs. 


Additionally, you will have to worry about managing one cost instead of several. By doing this, you could budget the money you were using to pay for several networks for something else that your hotel or resort needs. 

Enhance Flexibility & Scalability

Perhaps the greatest advantage a converged network can provide for any hospitality business is increased flexibility and scalability. A converged network allows different system components to effectively communicate with each other, allowing for faster response times and improved customer experience.

The ability to scale up or down as needs change makes it easier for hospitality businesses to move quickly and agilely to stay competitive in a fast-changing market.

Minimize AV Equipment Maintenance

Another benefit of converging networks is reduced AV maintenance and installation costs. By integrating several services on one central platform, there is no need for multiple systems that require separate maintenance and upkeep, thus saving money on long-term AV maintenance costs.

Additionally, having one source for all services simplifies the installation process, as technicians only need to install and configure one platform rather than multiple systems.


Optimize Communication Resources 

Having a single vendor also makes it easier for hospitality businesses to communicate with all their technology partners. All data runs through the converged network, allowing all vendors to access it more quickly and efficiently. 


This reduces communication errors and delays that could otherwise occur when different system components are not connected or communicating with each other effectively.

Lower Energy Costs 

One overlooked benefit of implementing a converged network is the significant improvement in managing energy resources for hospitality businesses. 


Businesses can better monitor their energy usage by having one centralized source for controlling energy use and making necessary adjustments accordingly. This increases efficiency and helps to reduce overall energy costs over time.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit of investing in a converged network for your hospitality business is that it will appease your customers. As technology advances, your guests will expect your networks to work almost as quickly, if not as quickly, as their home networks.

By investing in a single vendor for your commercial business, like DIRECTV, you can rest assured knowing your guests will always have a fast network to appease them, and your business will have a responsive team to back you if there is an issue with your network. 


To learn more about converged networks and how our technicians at Aufderworld can help you improve your business, contact us today. 

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