Movie Theaters

Create a Unique Space For Entertaining

A great way to increase tenant and guest interaction and happiness at your hotel, resort, senior living facility, or multi-unit housing building is to install a movie theater projector room or media room. By doing this, you give your guests and tenants an area to relax and have fun. While your resort or complex may have a variety of engaging activities, your guests may feel more comfortable enjoying a relaxing movie in a quiet atmosphere.

A movie theater room is an easy way to achieve that. At Aufderworld Corporation, we can help you design the available space to create your very own movie theater with custom lighting, high-end sound systems, and everything else you would get in an actual movie theater.

Custom Movie Theater Solutions

Though we focus on commercial businesses, there are companies that will install a movie theater in your home, as well. Focusing on commercial businesses has allowed us to become the area leader in movie theater installation and customer approval. When you contact Aufderworld for your project, we come in to get accurate measurements of your space. From there, we learn exactly what you want before custom designing your room. Not only do we install all the hardware for your projector, but we also install top-line movie theater room audio systems and lighting systems. Our custom services include:

  • Custom Movie Theater Design
    As stated above we will custom design your movie theater to fit any space. Using the exact specifications of your designated room, we design a screen and projector to best fit the space. From there, we will install a centralized control system so you can easily manipulate the lighting, sound, display, and more. Your projector will display the highest quality image on your screen, which allows you to create a real movie theater feel.
  • Movie Theater Lighting
    By installing custom lighting in your business’s movie theater, you can make your guests or tenants feel as though they are in an actual theater. We can design your lighting system so it can be manipulated on a centralized control system, allowing your guests or tenants to dim the lights, or lower them completely when it’s time to watch a movie. Creating a unique lighting system for your business’s theater is just as important as installing projectors, screens, and sound systems and can make or break the feel of the room.
  • Movie Theater Sound System
    Not only do we want your business’s small-scale theater room to look like a traditional movie theater with state-of-the-art projector technology, but we want it to sound like the best in entertainment, as well. With our custom movie theater audio systems, we can make your guests feel like they’re sitting in a large, commercial theater while still on property. With the customized lighting and audio systems, you get the real feeling of being at the movies.

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If you are in the Twin Cities and looking to add a custom, in-home movie theater for your business, contact Aufderworld to get a quote today. Our expert team has been providing the best audio/video system design and installation since 1983. Our services are proven to increase revenue, as well as guest and tenant enjoyment. To receive more information or a quote, call us at 763-233-7700 or message us on our contact page.