About Us

Audio/Visual & Television Made Easy

Aufderworld is an audio/video satellite company providing entertainment solutions in the senior housing, hospitality, healthcare, and retail industries. Since 1983, our team has been dedicated to providing the best customer service and support to help our clients quickly enhance their satisfaction and revenue-producing opportunities.

Aufderworld's proven approach is simple. We provide quality products and solutions with unparalleled support so our customers can focus on what really matters: their businesses and their guests. At Aufderworld, we make television and technology available to everyone. For A/V services pertaining to academia, government briefings, and hospitality, see our partner company, Excel AV. Let our team take care of your business’s technology needs today. If you’re looking for A/V installation near the Twin Cities, contact us today!

Our Eight-Step Process

Step One: Consultation
We provide a complete evaluation, assessed prior to hearing our advice and recommended solutions.

Step Two: Design and Engineering
We take the evaluation and add recommendations from both our design and engineering teams to provide tailored solutions for you.

Step Three: Proposal and Quote
We provide you with a personalized proposal and quote, complete with an itemized equipment list, bill of materials, and scope of work that includes a project management plan.

Step Four: Approval Process
With approval in place, we coordinate a project production schedule and activation launch date, taking care of all the details for you.

Step Five: Orientation
We help you focus on improving your residents and patrons quality-of-life by getting your team ready for installation, transition, and training.

Step Six: Build and Installation
Our certified and trained technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic and analytical tools to install your personalized solution for success.

Step Seven: Training and Quality Control
Aufderworld is driven by your success, elevating all performance standards, signal levels, video and audio quality to the highest levels.

Step Eight: Support
Providing exemplary customer satisfaction is our mission and goal. We are driven by the success of our clients.