Provide Relief for Patients and Guests

As the operator of a hospital or other healthcare facility, your main priority is always the wellbeing of your patients and their guests. Whether it’s a short- or long-term hospital stay, the time spent in a hospital can be extremely nerve-wracking for patients and their families and friends.

By installing customized hospital TV systems, you can provide a much-needed distraction for patients. In addition, you can also help their visitors unwind. Investing in a TV-viewing systems throughout your hospital is a great way to provide an at-home feeling for your patients and visitors and help them get their minds off the real world.

Customize Your System To Work For Your Needs

Though providing new-age entertainment for your patients and guests may not seem like the most important thing to consider when running a healthcare facility, implementing a state-of-the-art hospital audio/visual system can work wonders. Not only does it give your patients a break from whatever they may be facing, but it also gives their visitors a chance to decompress. At Aufderworld, we can design and install a customized system specifically for your healthcare facility. By doing this, we ensure the system is within your budget and is dialed in for your needs.

Incorporate DIRECTV To Give Your Patients The Best Entertainment

By investing in a DIRECTV package, you can make your patients and visitors feel more at-home than ever. With DIRECTV, you can give your patients customized hospital TV channels instead of generic cable. By doing this, you can give everyone access to the best in:

  • Sports
  • News
  • And entertainment channels

Your patients can also have access to other custom programs, including:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • DRE
  • COM3000

What Else Can We Do For Your Facility?

At Aufderworld, we also provide a variety of other commercial entertainment systems. Here are some of our other services:

Control Systems

We can design and install a custom control system so your staff can easily manage your various audio/visual systems. We can make it so you can control lighting, temperature, signage, and more from one, centralized location.

Digital Signage

Aufderworld can install signs throughout your place of business that you can customize to fit your needs. These signs can provide information about your services, details about events happening in your business and the surrounding area, and more.


We can install CCTV cameras anywhere in your facility for security. By installing these systems, you always have evidence if there is an incident of some sort.

Sound Masking

Our experts at Aufderworld can install sound masking systems throughout your business, as well. Sound masking systems echo white noise to cover up distracting noises and confidential information. Usually used in an office setting, these can also be useful in the healthcare setting so patients and visitors do not have to listen to the various noises around them.

Video Walls

Video walls are typically comprised of four separate screens, which are pushed and wired together so they can display one cohesive message or separate messages. This technology is a great addition to any public space so information can easily be displayed.

Hearing Loop Systems

Though hearing loop systems are generally used in larger spaces, like auditoriums, they can be implemented in other areas, such as conference rooms and other shared spaces. Hearing loops allow people with hearing aids to magnetically transfer sound into the user’s ear. This technology is extremely useful in public spaces.

Contact Aufderworld Corporation Today

If you’re looking for customizable hospital patient TV systems or other audio/video technologies, contact Aufderworld Corporation today. Since 1983, we have been helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the Twin Cities area increase patient and guest experience and ease of operation. For more information or a quote, give us a call at 763-233-7700 or message us on our contact page.

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