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Maintaining a hotel or resort can be difficult. You constantly have to evolve and adjust to all the current trends so you can compete in a trying industry. An easy way to keep guests happy and returning for more is to consider installing hotel television systems. With a solid budget and your wishes in place, our expert team at Aufderworld can create a specialized DIRECTV system just for your hotel or resort. Not only are customized TV packages ideal for hotels and resorts, but many of our other services may be useful for you, such as:

Additionally, all these audio/visual systems can be managed using state-of-the-art control systems designed by Aufderworld. We will ensure your control system and other audio/visual systems stay within your budget so you can continue to run your business the way you need to.

Give Your Guests The Best Entertainment Systems With DIRECTV

When you have our expert team at Aufderworld Corporation design and install your choice in DIRECTV packages, you can customize a plan to fit your budget and needs. Our company offers a variety of features for hotels and resorts. As one of many hospitality TV suppliers, we set ourselves apart by offering more than the competition and custom designing the technology. With Aufderworld, your guests can get a variety of features, including:

  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE)
  • COMM3000
  • Local information channels
  • Hospitality national brands
  • Relaxation channels
  • And more

Guests can also customize their program guide channels and have access to specific movie channels.

Learn More About Hospitality TV Solutions

Many hotels and resorts oftentimes have meeting or conference rooms, as well as lounges. You can extend your hotel TV system to these areas so your guests have the same experience both while they’re relaxing and while they are working.

Additional Amenities

Not only can Aufderworld provide your business with the best in hospitality TV, but we can also provide you with an assortment of other technological features. We can customize lounges, conference rooms, and other spaces to have:

  • CCTV. We can install in-house CCTV channels for lobbies, pools, and more to increase your facility’s security.
  • Hearing loops. We can install hearing loops to help hearing impaired guests better enjoy their stay.
  • Sound masking. Installing these systems throughout your facility can block out noise for other guests so they have a more peaceful stay.
  • Video Walls. Video walls can be customized so you can provide company or event information or other entertaining displays for your guests.
  • Control Systems. Installing a state-of-the-art control system for your entire facility allows you to control temperature, what is displayed on your video walls, your CCTV, and more, all from one location.

Additionally, we can further customize your business with other amenities. Guests love having a place to escape and relax, and we can give them that space with specialized rooms, such as movie theaters and media rooms.

Case Study

The Challenge:
An international award-winning, historic resort in New York desired to increase their guest experience in a way that would decrease operational costs. The resort, a stunning Victorian castle that was first opened in 1869, is perched on the banks of a pristine lake and is designated as a National Historic Landmark, was seeking a simple, yet quality, solution.

The Solution:
Hotel staff contacted Aufderworld for consultation and to explore solutions. The Aufderworld team mastered the existing distribution system, complete with the installation of DIRECTV, providing the hotel with operational savings month after month. Today, guests can enjoy the charming 5 star venue and experience 5 star entertainment no matter where they are—in their rooms, lobby area, or conference areas.

Contact Aufderworld Corporation

If you are looking for a hotel TV system supplier, look no further than Aufderworld. Our expert team has been working with hotels and resorts since 1983 to implement the best technology on the market for their businesses. Not only do we provide customized DIRECTV packages for your hotel or resort, we can also install a variety of other technologies. If you’re interested in learning more about our products and services, call us at 763-233-7700 or message us on our contact page.

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