Those who live in a senior living facility deserve the highest quality of life. After all they’ve done for society, they should get to spend their golden years well! Cutting-edge tech from Aufderworld can help your tenants enjoy their stays in the lap of modern luxury. Whether it’s helping your team provide care or easing the age-related difficulties for your clients, we have the audio visual installation and supplies for you.

Read on for our state-of-the-art recommendations for your high-tech senior living facility.

Commercial DIRECTV: A Must-Have

Most of your clientele probably won’t spend their entire day in front of the television, but everyone likes to relax with a good TV show now and again. With the right retirement home TV from DIRECTV, though, television will become more than a pastime; it becomes something that lets them revisit the old times and bond with new friends in the present.

After all, there’s nothing quite like watching a favorite flick from one’s childhood, or enthusing with others about the clever plot twist your shared favorite show pulled off last night. Plenty of channels from this type of nursing home TV makes this a possibility for all kinds of residents and with all kinds of tastes.

Hearing Loop Systems: Make Presentations Accessible

If your senior living facility features a chapel or similar group presentation space, commercial hearing loops are a no-brainer, since it’s likely at least a few of your clients require technological assistance to hear. By transferring a sound via magnetism directly to hearing aids, hearing loop systems enable clear auditory communication to these individuals—useful indeed, since hearing aids aren’t always reliable in large-group settings.

For more information on hearing loop systems, check out our blog on the subject:  “Everything you Need to Know About Hearing Loops.”

CCTV Systems: Lend Your Staff a Hand

Your staff works hard to embody your business, so give them what they need to do just that with a CCTV system. This video surveillance technology allows your staff to keep tabs on your residents without having to regularly patrol the halls.

Plus, it allows them to be proactive with their work; because CCTV systems can play a live feed, employees can detect potentially dangerous situations ahead of time and rush to the scene, preventing disaster.

For more on CCTV, read our blog “What’s CCTV and How Can it Help Your Business?”

Aufderworld: Your Source for the Best of Modern Technology

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