Digital signage is a valuable tool in many areas of your business. It can advertise, direct, and inform—sometimes all three at once—and its vivid colors make sure that your clients won’t miss your message. However, any digital signage company worth their salt will tell you that, just like any type of sign, their effectiveness is maximized with intelligent and contextual placement. In other words: some places within a business are better fits for digital signage solutions than others.

So where can you find these places within yours?

Find Where People Congregate

Big crowds of customers mean more people around to see your message and thus experience its effects—go figure. However, there are additional reasons behind congregation spaces being prime space for digital signage, and these reasons will depend on your business and its function.

●        Bars can use digital signage to organize crowds

●        Hotels can use the MyChannel function of Aufderworld’s digital signage to make sure their customers have convenient information to start their days

●        Digital signage in senior living facilities can provide direction to visitors, reducing accumulation and confusion

Take it from the audio visual consultants at Aufderworld: placing your digital signage in hot-spot areas is the best way not only to reap its message-conveying benefits, but the benefits that are specific to your business’s industry.

In-Your-Face Is Key

Even if your digital signage conveys the most engaging stuff around—awesome playlists, relevant information, event info, you name it—if clients have to crane their heads around to see it or cup a hand to their ear to hear it, it’s ineffective.  

Why? Because discomfort and inconvenience is, unfortunately, more attention-grabbing than any content whatsoever. You want your messages to take centerstage, not the hassle of perceiving it. In a way, the more in-your-face a digital sign can be, the better!

Don’t Forget Accessibility

People with certain physical disabilities have a different eye-level from fully abled people, so make sure to place your digital signage in such a way that everyone can experience it and glean relevant information, not just those who interact with the world a certain way. You’ll best maximise your digital signage’s potential when you maximise the demographics it can reach.

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