Does your company’s open floor plan make it difficult to have private conversations? Have your employees complained about noise levels being a distraction while they’re trying to work? Sound masking can solve both of these office issues, as well as other noise-related concerns. Affordable and innovative, sound masking has helped businesses everywhere achieve the silence and privacy they require. As a provider of sound masking systems, Aufderworld is happy to tell you all about this groundbreaking product and show you what it can do for your business.

Protect Confidential Information & Prevent Distractions

Sound masking devices (or speech privacy systems as they are sometimes called) work by projecting ambient noise throughout a facility. While it may seem counterintuitive to drown out sound with more sound, the frequencies emitted by sound masking technology match the frequency of human speech to muffle conversations and other distraction-inducing sounds. You’ll still be able to hear people close to you talk, but their words become unintelligible and therefore less distracting.

Most sound masking systems involve three components:

●        Sensors – The sensors in a sound masking system are designed to constantly monitor noise levels and send a message to the controller when adjustments are needed.

●        Controller – The controller receives messages from the sensors installed throughout the room and emits an ambient noise that automatically adjusts based on the noise level.

●        Speakers – Speakers are spread throughout your workspace and aimed upward so the white noise emitted from the controllers bounces off the ceiling and goes back to the work area.

Sound masking systems are useful for a variety of reasons. They can block noise as well as provide white noise if a space is too quiet. Sound masking could be useful for your business if:

●        Privacy is important. For government organizations or industries such as healthcare, privacy is not only important, but a legal requirement. Sound masking can help secure the privacy of vulnerable parties by muffling conversations so that passersby do not overhear confidential information.

●        Efficiency matters. We’ve all been asked to concentrate in less-than-ideal environments. It doesn’t do good things for our working efficiency! Set your employees up for success by giving them a quiet, distraction-free environment with a sound masking system.

●        You want to enhance worker comfort. In addition to decreasing efficiency, excessive noise can also wreak havoc on your workers’ emotional wellbeing. Stress from constantly being asked to perform in less than ideal conditions can tank worker morale. A sound masking system makes sure this doesn’t happen. A stress-free team is a productive team, too!

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