Hearing something on loop is annoying, like a child repeatedly asking for a forbidden snack. So why on earth would your business want to invest in a hearing loop system? The very name connotes images of facility-wide cacophony, no matter what industry you hail from.

Let’s get something straight: hearing loop systems might not be the most aptly named thing in some respects. They don’t play things back on a loop, and they certainly don’t cause the headaches you might imagine. In fact, they’re an innovative piece of technology that makes hearing what’s going on easier for those who otherwise would struggle, without making the environment a noisy mess for those who don’t.

Think such a piece of tech has a place in your business? Aufderworld, Minneapolis’s top-notch audio-visual consultants, explains its uses in depth below.

Hearing Loops & Their Applications

Commercial hearing loops are cutting-edge devices that transfer audio information directly to a person’s hearing aid. They utilize:

●        A magnetic, wireless signal

●        A loop cable (hence the name)

●        An amplifier

●        A microphone

●        An additional wire around the perimeter of a given space

This setup makes audio information come through hearing aids with much less interference than standard speakers or the like would create. The work of hearing loop installers can find uses in a variety of contexts and industries.

For Senior Living

For senior living arrangements, hearing loop systems are indispensable. Your senior living facility’s mission is to give its clientele a high quality of life. When any resident is unable to fully enjoy their favorite shows or the like with their neighbors, they can be left feeling left-out and isolated. Don’t let that vibe into your facility! Make TV time fun and accessible for everyone with a hearing loop system.

For Saving Money

Stop paying for expensive headphones and other equipment. Hearing loop systems are a one-and-done solution for all your hearing-related accessibility needs. Less futuristic technologies that serve a similar purpose, such as headphones, are liable to break and need constant repairing or replacement.

For User Satisfaction

While some hearing aids are compatible with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies, those technologies can quickly run out of batteries, and they’re otherwise a comparative hassle for the user to set up. Hearing loop systems, on the other hand, require only the flick of a switch to provide crystal clear audio to those who need it.

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