As a business owner, you no doubt want to keep an eye on what's happening around your facility. Whether you own a low-key sports bar or a busy, multi-unit housing system, you deserve to be the all-seeing eye in your domain.

Your clients also deserve the peace of mind that comes with surveillance, as its mere presence can sometimes be enough to deter crime. Nobody wants bother to do something criminal or shady if they know they'll get caught on surveillance footage.

Enter a CCTV system – Aufderworld's preferred technology for business security!

With the help of our five-star audio-visual consultants and this tried-and-true technology, your staff, clients, and building can reap the benefits of an ever-present fly on the wall.

CCTV Basics

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, can be single cameras or multi-camera systems. If you’ve ever watched a movie scene where a security guard views multiple camera feeds on multiple monitors, chances are real-life CCTV systems inspired it.

In the past, CCTV has been known as commercial security camera systems. These days, it feels normal – even expected – for a business to have CCTV to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

CCTV has many domestic uses, but it is most often used commercially. These systems are used to watch over cash registers to avoid fraud or malpractice, access different parts of a building from a central  location, observe stock in a warehouse, or maintain health and safety practices and procedures.

For business owners, an investment in a powerful CCTV setup is incredibly beneficial for the safety, security, and financial well-being of the entire company.

CCTV Is Simple & Safe to Use

Because CCTV is set up so that the televisions only pick up footage from the cameras, there’s little to no risk of pressing the wrong button and losing sight of precious moments of security footage. Plus, because the technology is closed-circuit, your security footage can only be viewed by your business.

At Aufderworld, our audio-visual experts seek to make sure that every business gets the right CCTV set up for their purpose. From proposal to installation support, we understand that every CCTV system is going to depend on your expectations and goals. Our CCTV installations are customizable and flexible.

CCTV Allows You to Help Staff Whenever Necessary

Your business’s CCTV should be for much more than catching a criminal in the act. For business properties with multiple levels, rooms, and areas, a CCTV system is a great tool in keeping track of your employees.

If someone needs help on another level, CCTV can easily be used to find them when a multi-camera system has been set up. If a team member struggles with a task, you can quickly use CCTV systems to get help.

If you know exactly where they are, thanks to your security cameras, there’s no need to waste precious time searching the building for staff.

CCTV Helps You Keep a Handle on Crime

CCTV is an invaluable tool that offers monitoring, detecting, recognizing, and identifying criminal activity in your facility. Whatever happens around your facility, CCTV can capture it, keeping your clients the epitome of security.

Furthermore, if the criminal activity were to occur despite the presence of cameras, you’d have valuable evidence to use legally and thus enable authorities to take action quickly.

CCTV Improves Productivity at Work

It may sound shifty, but employees who believe – or know – that they are being watched by their employers tend to be more productive.

We all have that urge to daydream, to step away from things for a little, or take a few extra minutes on a coffee or lunch break. However, sticking to our schedules and tasks is critical for getting our jobs done well.

The use of CCTV also discourages employees from committing sexual harassment or theft.

CCTV Discourages Crime

CCTV not only discourages theft and harassment in the workplace, but it also deters criminals from stealing or committing other illegal acts in your business.

Because there are laws in place that state that the use of CCTV should be posted for customers to see, businesses often observe a dip in crime with this alone.

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