As a business owner, you no doubt want to keep an eye on what’s going on around your facility. Whether you own a low-key sports bar or a busy multi-unit housing system, you deserve to be the all-seeing eye in your domain. Your clients also deserve the peace of mind that comes with surveillance, as its mere presence can sometimes be enough to deter crime. Nobody wants to get up to something shady if they know they'll get caught!

Enter a CCTV system, Aufderworld’s preferred technology for business security. With the help of our five-star audio visual consultants and this tried-and-true technology, your staff, clients, and building itself can reap the benefits of an ever-present, but metaphorical, fly on the wall.

CCTV Basics

You probably already know a bit about this technology—just by a different name. CCTV systems are also often known as commercial security camera systems. If you’ve ever watched a scene in a movie in which a security guard views multiple camera feeds at once on multiple monitors, chances are it was inspired by real-life CCTV systems.

There’s a reason why these types of security systems have made themselves so prominent in pop culture: businesses everywhere use them to great effect.

CCTV systems are simple and safe to use.

Because they’re constructed in such a way that the televisions only pick up footage from the cameras, there’s little to no risk of, say, pressing a wrong button and losing sight of precious moments of security footage. Plus, because the technology is closed-circuit (hence the “CC” part of the name), your security footage can only be viewed by your business.

CCTV systems let you help staff when you need it.

If a team member is obviously struggling with a task, you can use CCTV systems to quickly get them help. If you know exactly where they are thanks to your security cameras, there’s no need to go on a goose chase for them!

CCTV systems keep a handle on crime.

Whatever happens around your facility, CCTV can capture it, keeping your clients the epitome of secure. If criminal activity were to occur despite the presence of cameras, you’d have valuable evidence to use legally and thus enable authorities to quickly take action.

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