No matter what type of business you have, it is important to ensure that all of your employees and guests feel welcome and included in your building. An easy way to do this for your employees, guests, or customers, is to install hearing loop systems in areas of your business where there are typically presentations or large crowds. Hearing loop systems are an affordable option for many businesses, and help everyone feel included, even if they are hard of hearing. Here, our licensed technicians at Aufderworld will discuss the benefits of hearing loop systems and why you should consider investing in them for your business.

Better Than Hearing Aids in Large Groups

While hearing aids are a wonderful option for many individuals, they do not always work well in a large group setting. In large group settings, there can be so much other noise going on that it makes it difficult to hear the speaker(s) in a larger space. However, by installing a hearing loop system in your conference room or other larger space, your employees and guests will be able to connect to the system with their hearing aids, which will put the sound directly in their ears. In modern hearing aids, there is a switch on the hearing aid that allows it to connect directly to a hearing loop system if there is one present. From there, the sound is magnetically transported to the user’s ears, so they do not have to worry about straining themselves to hear everything that is happening.

No Batteries or Connectivity Issues

Some products are able to directly transport sound into the user’s ear by using WiFi or Bluetooth. They simply connect their hearing aids with their phone or another smart device to get set up with WiFi or Bluetooth. However, this is not always a foolproof option. Using WiFi and Bluetooth drains the battery of your phone or another smart device. Because of this, you may not always have a solid connection because your battery could die, or you could lose service on your phone. However, by installing a hearing loop, you can let your employees and guests connect directly to that, instead of having to rely on a separate entity. This saves the battery of your guests’ devices and allows them to use their phones for other necessary tasks.

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