With a social media shareability being high on travelers’ list of prerequisites, your hotel would be wise to work on its vibe. Luxurious surroundings have always been important in the hospitality industry, of course, but these days,  your hotel must be good enough to stand up to competition halfway across the world.

Establishing your hotel as a leader within your industry may seem like a difficult challenge, but Aufderworld is here to support you. As your top Minneapolis AV installation professionals, we’re your source for all the electronic bells and whistles that make for an exquisite hotel experience. We’ll discuss them below, so read on for some inspiration!

Stop the Show With Video Walls

Bringing the calming aesthetic of beaches and mountains inside your hotel has never been easier! With LED video walls, you can put nature’s most beautiful scenic gems on full display. These video walls provide your guests with the perfect photo opportunity!

In addition to establishing a photo-worthy environment, video walls also showcase your hotel as a beautiful, grand, and high-quality place to be. It suggests you can provide the kind of stay and hospitality that makes for a great vacation. How’s that for a good vibe?

Provide a Cozy Getaway With Hotel Television Systems

Of course, not all vacations are about living the high life. Sometimes, it’s perfect to curl up in front of the television and rest off an exciting day of activities. Your hotel can provide this respite with great hospitality TV; there’s nothing more charmingly vacation-esque than browsing all those amazing channels you don’t have at home, trying to find something new and exciting to watch.

Aufderworld has got you covered with both the televisions themselves and commercial DIRECTV. Get over a hundred channels as well as additional optional NFL coverage! DIRECTV is a draw to all demographics, and with the customized systems Aufderworld offers, your system can be fine-tuned to suit your hotel’s requirements.

Stylishly Show Directions With Digital Signage

You probably already know that it’s not just the big gestures that make a hotel stay, but the little details, too; why else are those towels folded into little animals such a popular hospitality industry feature?

While digital signage isn’t as grand as its video wall cousins, it still provides a sleek and sophisticated way to display anything from logistical information to daily events. With a host of them on your side, you’ll always maintain your hotel’s polished atmosphere—even when your patrons just need directions.

Need Tech? Aufderworld Has Your Back

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