CCTV is an excellent tool all-around for upping security at your business. Keeping a private recording of everything that goes on allows owners and security personnel alike to keep an eye on things from a single room.

The mere presence of CCTV cameras in heavily-used spaces is often enough to deter thieves. For more info on this protective piece of tech, consult our blog entry on the subject: “What’s CCTV and How Can it Help Your Business?”.

But CCTV is more than a simple security measure. Its applications extend towards helping you run not only a safer workplace but a more harmonious one. Aufderworld, your Minneapolis audio-visual company, has five innovative ways to utilize CCTV below.

1) Monitor Workers With CCTV

Is a worker having problems staying on task? Has a workspace dispute become pigeonholed because there’s no proof of the problem either party speaks of? CCTV systems can help. Because it provides accurate video recordings of your business, you can easily use it to provide management information on the state of their collective workforce.

A word on commercial CCTV usage in this respect: make sure you read up on local privacy laws before implementing it. Many states have regulations about where workers can and cannot be filmed; break rooms and bathrooms, for example, may be off-limits.

2) Quickly Check in on Public Spaces

While business management can walk around a store to check in on the state of things, with extensive facilities and low numbers of competent staff, this can get a bit tedious. Enter CCTV, and you’ll know exactly how to allocate and direct your team.

Does the clothing section need a little sprucing up? Does the video game aisle need restocking? Simply give the cameras a look-see, and your management team’s to-do list practically writes itself.

3) Make Clients and Tenants Feel More Secure

In addition to dissuading theft, your commercial security camera system lets those you serve to know you’re doing it. So while would-be shoplifters or crooks might feel on edge, the average Joe loves to know that your apartment complex or business is taking steps to protect its valued customers.

In this sense, a CCTV system isn’t just a practical measure but a PR one. For example, allow customers to feel more comfortable browsing your stock or let tenants know that their loved ones will be safe in their apartment—that they can let their hair down and relax.

4) Document Damage From Natural Disasters

With the customizable CCTV services with Aufderworld, you can easily take advantage of these many opportunities to keep your tenants, customers, and employees. However, more than keeping thieves away, CCTV systems can also help document damage from natural disasters - something no one has control over.

The average person knows that working with insurance companies, even for situations involving natural disasters that should be cut and dry, is no small feat. However, with powerful CCTV systems from Aufderworld, you have the evidence you need to file insurance claims confidently.

5) Provide Evidence Against False Claims

More than being able to produce the proper evidence for insurance, you can do the same for legal claims or cases of fraud. For example, is someone claiming that your business employed unsafe measures to deal with winter weather, but you have the evidence to prove otherwise?

An up-to-date, operational CCTV system could help aid police with actual evidence monitored in real time. Your business’s CCTV cameras may also capture footage that helps protect your neighbors against such false claims.

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