If you operate a sports bar, restaurant, or hospitality business, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your revenue, attract more customers, and enhance customer satisfaction. An easy way to do this would be to upgrade or even invest in a premium sports package for your commercial business. When you are able to get the best channels available, which means the biggest games and most popular shows, you are more likely to bring in more customers and give them the entertainment they want.


Here, our experts at Aufderworld Corporation will discuss why you should invest in premium sports packages for the benefit of your bar or restaurant.

Why Should You Invest in Premium Sports Packages?

Especially in a restaurant or sports bar setting, it’s no secret that many people are searching for an establishment that has access to every single game they are interested in seeing. No matter if potential customers are searching for access to NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB, the NBA, or another sport, premium packages from Aufderworld can grant you access to everything you are looking for.


When word spreads that you have the best in sports available at your bar or restaurant, people will come in droves to watch their teams play. Additionally, if you establish yourself as an alumni bar for certain schools, or a base for certain professional teams, you can build rapport with the fans of those teams who will undoubtedly come back so long as they receive quality service.


Additionally, if you own or manage a hotel, resort, or other hospitality business, adding a premium sports package and broadcasting that service is a great way to attract people passing through town and looking for a place to stay, as well as people planning a vacation to your area who want to have quality entertainment when they are relaxing at their hotel.

Why Should You Invest In DIRECTV?

When you choose to have Aufderworld’s DIRECTV services installed at your commercial business, you are getting access to the best programming available with a large variety of sports channels to suit every fan’s needs.

We are a DIRECTV provider and can customize plans for your needs. No matter if you need a large DIRECTV setup to distribute throughout your hospitality business, so each guest has in-room entertainment, or you want a smaller but still complex setup for your restaurant or sports bar, our licensed technicians can get you what you need to be successful. In addition, we offer a variety of additional customizations to go with your personalized program, which include COM3000, DIRECTV Residential Experience, and NFL Sunday Ticket.


Another perk of having our technicians at Aufderworld install and customize your DIRECTV package is that you get access to exclusive advertising tools. Courtesy of DIRECTV, your business will be sent a variety of marketing materials while also gaining access to digital advertising tools. The most prevalent tool you will be able to access is the DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder App. If you work with DIRECTV, your restaurant or sports bar will be featured on this app, which shows potential customers all of the nearby facilities with access to the best in sports entertainment. 

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