While video walls have been around for quite some time, they still manage to catch the eye of everyone who walks past them. Video walls are proven to enhance customer and employee engagement while also providing a central area for you to display company-related messages or advertisements.

Additionally, you can invest in a video wall that has several different screens, which can each be programmed to display a different message or a single, cohesive message. Here, our expert technicians at Aufderworld will explain the benefits of adding a video wall to your bar or restaurant.

Better Visual Appearance

A quality video wall allows you to clearly display various pieces of company-related information, advertising, and more. If you are operating a sports bar or restaurant, one of your primary concerns should be the quality of the technology you have at your business.

A major portion of your business’s traffic revolves around the big games that are going on at the time. When customers are looking for a prime spot to watch their favorite teams, they want to visit a business with high-quality screens that allow them to watch the games with ease.

The more screens you add, and the larger they are means the higher the resolution quality.  And through the years, experts have discovered that the larger video wall is, the higher the resolution.

Your Choice in What to Display

One of the benefits of investing in a video wall is that you can choose to display something different on each screen, or you can display one, cohesive message the entire wall. For instance, if there’s a tournament with multiple games, you may want to display each of the games to cater to your customers’ viewing needs.

We can help you customize your setup to make it easy for you to display one game or several games across your video wall. Our audio visual experts at Aufderworld will program your video wall to allow it to display different videos with ease.

Do More Than Watch Sports

Another benefit of adding a video wall to your bar or restaurant is that you can customize it for further entertainment beyond just watching sports and other programming. You can program your video walls to show music videos, provide lyrics for karaoke, and more.

By investing in a video wall, you can drive in more customers, which can bring in more revenue by providing your customers with plenty of entertainment options. Combine those entertainment options with elite customer service, and you can become one of the leading businesses in your area.

Keep Up With the Competition

Sports bars and restaurants today are bigger and better than those of the past; each business strives to provide a more comprehensive, all-around ambiance than its competitors. Without large, flashy pieces of technology, you risk your sports bar looking behind the times.

It may not be feasible for many businesses to have every single piece of new tech, but a video wall system is a great place to begin if you’re looking to upgrade to keep up your business’s image. Few things feel more modern or luxurious in a space!

Bring in More Revenue

In today’s fast-paced sports bar TV culture, there are often multiple games and multiple sports being broadcasted at once; with a single commercial television installation, it’d be hard to provide your guests with a comprehensive experience that makes them want to come back for more.

With video wall systems, though, you can show multiple games side-by-side, as we touched on above. This allows your space to satisfy guests’ needs, as we described, but its benefits go further than that. It also enables you to cater to all sorts of fans and audiences at once, opening up a new pool of potential revenue. Pair video walls with Commercial DIRECTV or NFL Sunday Ticket for the ultimate television experience!

Choose Aufderworld for Video Wall Installation

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