Running a bar or restaurant is an exact science. You have to keep up with all the latest trends, provide quality service, offer the best in entertainment, and forge a strong relationship with customers, so they continue to come back.

Though we can’t help you provide quality service and forge relationships with your customers, we can equip you with the best entertainment technology and keep you up-to-date with the latest technological trends. Here, our experts at Aufderworld will discuss the custom entertainment systems we can install to help you increase revenue at your business.

DIRECTV Capabilities

At Aufderworld, we are the area’s leading DIRECTV provider. We offer the best packages and customize them specifically for your place of business. With our plans, you can get the best in sports, news, and entertainment channels. Additionally, we can design your system so each TV in your business is connected to a centralized box that hosts all your channels, while allowing you to play separate stations if need be. This allows for the ultimate fan environment, displaying every big game simultaneously while pleasing customers from every fanbase.

In addition to supporting multiple different channels at once, DIRECTV also offers NFL Sunday Ticket in several packages. With NFL Sunday Ticket, you can stream various football games, which gives you an all-encompassing experience. Recent studies have shown that businesses that offer this feature increase traffic and revenue on game days.

Sound Systems

In addition to providing the best DIRECTV packages on the market, we can also install state-of-the-art sound systems for your restaurant or bar. With a proper sound system, you can create an unbeatable atmosphere within your place of business. By having an elite audio system, you can compete in a busy area and help reel in more customers than your competitors.

Both of these systems can also be designed to be controlled from one centralized location. We can make it so you can manage your systems on a wall mount, phone or tablet, or a computer.

Commercial Televisions and Video Walls

Of course, you probably already know that you need a commercial television to broadcast the game if you want to bring in more customers. But the quality and amount of commercial televisions, as well as the placement, can greatly affect a guest's experience. Sports bar TVs are as good as useless, after all, if half your tables have to crane their necks to see it.

Luckily, Aufderworld can easily circumnavigate such problems. Our experienced audiovisual team will take your space into account while designing a customized entertainment system that works for you. We will ensure your guests can perfectly see every screen, so they’re motivated to keep coming back for more!

We frequently use video walls to solve viewing problems in the sports bar scene. They’re incredibly versatile pieces of tech that are both easily seen and immersive, thanks to their massive size. For more information on video walls, check out our audiovisual company blog on the subject: “Why Install a Video Wall in Your Bar or Restaurant?”.

Control Systems

Not all tech has to be flashy to help your establishment maintain and draw customers. While quite demure in appearance, control systems provide your team with massive audio / visual control power that helps them better attend to customer needs.

Indeed, control systems supercharge your facility management capabilities. They provide a one-spot access point for lighting, audio, televisions, temperature, and more. No more digging around for the right remote or flying around in a frenzy trying to open up in time for guests! Control systems make running the show a breeze, which means your staff is left with more time and energy to do what they do best: serve customers. When your staff can be more warm and welcoming, your facility attendance will reap the benefits.

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