As summer rolls around, spending time with buddies at the bar with a cold drink becomes a priority on many Minnesotans’ schedules. After all, there are only so many nice days in a year in our state! As a bar or other similar establishment, you’re no doubt quite preoccupied with offering your clients the best service and atmosphere that you possibly can—and you should be! That’s how you do your part to brighten people’s days and support yourself and your workers.

Part of providing excellent bar service, though, is offering a great atmosphere—and much of that starts with your restaurant audio system. While many patrons may prefer the fuzzy, tinny drone of a barside radio, if that’s all you have to offer in terms of audio, you’re failing to take advantage of powerful mood-boosting technology that can drastically improve your facility’s ambiance.

Aufderworld, your local Minnesota provider of music systems for restaurants and sports bar TV, explains what great bar audio can do for you below.

What Good is a Gathering Without Good Tunes?

Think of the last great social gathering you hosted or attended. No doubt there was some sort of music playing in the background, be it holiday carols or the latest hits. Without that music to tie the whole party together, it probably would have felt very hollow and disconnected.

Music has a way of unifying a group of people, smoothing over the most awkward of conversations, and setting the scene for a great time. When you play it through high-quality speakers that project clearly over the typical drink-serving din, it can provide a similar ambiance to a restaurant or sports bar.

Good-Quality Music = No Bad Vibes

People often show up to service establishments for a mood boost or perhaps forget about their problems for a while. If your facility isn’t using a high-quality music system to project good tunes, you’re increasing the odds that someone might leave the bar still feeling bad, thus attaching that feeling to your business.

Set the Mood With Sweet Music Choices

Is your bar young and hip or quieter and relaxed? Depending on the demographics that frequent your bar, you can create a nuanced ambiance with a curated playlist for your clientele. However, that playlist is only effective if people can hear it clearly.

Cut Your Servers a Break

We all know that listening to the radio while working helps things move along quicker and more enjoyably. Servers’ jobs are hectic, and as an employer, it’s the least you can do to give them this audible luxury.

Bring in More Clientele When Your Audio Works With Your Visuals

If you run a sports bar, you know the importance of having a great sports bar TV system to help draw more customers—and if you don’t, check out our audio-visual consultant blog “Football Season Is Almost Upon us: You’ll Want DIRECTV From Aufderworld.” Seriously, what’s a Saturday night out without a thrilling game courtesy of DIRECTV?

Equally important to bringing in patrons is a high-end audio system, especially if you’ve got ritzy visual tech like a video wall. A lackluster speaker system next to some souped-up visuals only makes the latter look, frankly, sad—and that is no way to create the sort of ambiance that attracts guests in from the street or encourages regulars to bring their friends.

On the other hand, great audio alongside awesome video provides the full, thrilling, sensory game-day experience that drives attendance and boosts your bottom line.

Add Fun New Features to Personalize Guests’ Service

Sports bars everywhere now use digital jukeboxes to allow guests to punch in whatever song they please. This adds a personal, at-home touch to your facility’s ambiance, as it feels like being allowed to DJ on a road trip. Plus, your facility can rack up quite a pretty penny from all those plays!

That being said, that jukebox is as good as nonexistent if guests can’t hear the music through your wimpy audio system. Good luck getting anyone to plunk in their change in that case!

Sports bars, as you know, get chatter-filled and chaotic even during slower periods, so you need an innovative audio system to go alongside this state-of-the-art money-making, ambiance-defining technique. This is why you need an audio / visual company’s help to expand your audio system and reap the monetary benefits of guests’ modern expectations.

Contact Aufderworld for Comprehensive Audio Visual Installation

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