Modern restaurants are always taking advantage of the latest technology. From state-of-the-art CCTV systems that protect you and your customers to sound systems that keep every conversation in a cafe private, investing in the right audio-visual tech is critical to your business’s success.

While there will always be a place for vintage, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars, don’t neglect the technology that works hard in the background.

At Aufderworld, we work hard behind the scenes alongside that necessary technology. With our team based out of Minneapolis, MN, you can trust Aufderworld to provide the best audio-visual technology for your restaurant. Stay tuned to learn more about what we offer to local restaurants to keep their customers happy and engaged!

Creating Ambiance: How A/V Elevates the Restaurant Experience

Aside from the food quality, furniture comfort, and waiting services, several other factors will impact customer satisfaction in their dining experience. Ambiance is key in restaurant dining, with over 91% of casual diners saying that having an appealing environment will directly influence if they visit a venue. 84% of fast food customers also agree that it's important for the atmosphere to feel comfortable and welcoming.

The right lighting can do wonders for your establishment, even highlighting or customizing each table for a more personalized and intimate dining experience. Enhanced color schemes and upgraded sound systems in your bar or restaurant need to be considered with the demographics to help customers enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Digital Signage

Improving your restaurant or bar with digital signage is a simple way to launch it into the future without making enormous changes. Digital signage installation is as easy as announcing specials, events, and other critical information in an easier, more automated fashion. Digital signage is also a great way to advertise your business, with updates on information taking only a few minutes.

From weather updates to upcoming specials and holiday events, you can communicate virtually any information in the dining room, lobby, or even the back area and kitchen. Take advantage of digital signage with Aufderworld and keep everyone in the loop.

TV Installation & DIRECTV With Premium Sports Packages

Only some restaurants need a collection of TVs and DIRECTV capabilities, but bars and sports-centered restaurants typically do as they are playing recent games throughout the day. 

With DIRECTV, your bar or restaurant offers sports, news, and entertainment from one centralized, controlled system. When you have options your competitors do not, premium packages will exceed your customer's expectations, making your establishment an attractive commodity for creating themes or building camaraderie with specific sports teams.

Aufderworld is an official provider of DIRECTV and offers NFL Sunday Ticket, so your customers will never miss a game!

Sound Masking Systems

Want to control the level of sound in your restaurant? While you cannot control conversations or the sound of a person’s voice, you can look into the sound masking systems provided by Aufderworld.

Our unique sound systems can block exterior sounds and provide white noise, so your restaurant will be neither too quiet nor too loud.

There are three primary components of a sound masking system, which include:

●        Sensors that detect noise levels

●        Controllers that receive messages from sensors and make adjustments

●        Speakers that emit white noise or redirect other noise

Video Walls

Video walls are not a new technology, but they still create an eye-catching aesthetic that is proven to enhance engagement from employees and customers. When you need to display advertisements or company messages, it increases the visual appearance and gives you customization features.

Pick a multi-screen style if you offer various options like karaoke and sports games, or choose one large cohesive message for a strong and visually powerful way to grab the attention of onlookers.

Video walls can also help increase revenue because, let’s face it, with all the dining options available, patrons have higher expectations now. Investing in a custom system helps you stay ahead of competitors because you are providing a more satisfying experience for your patrons, so they look forward to each time they have an opportunity to visit your establishment.  

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