In your senior living facility, you’re determined to help your clients live out their golden years as comfortably and conveniently as possible, so why shouldn’t new technology be a part of facilitating this mission?

For instance, a senior living TV system chalk-full of features can provide the great new entertainment that your clientele deserve, as well as bring them comforting and nostalgic television that they so appreciated during their youth. Introducing new tech into your facility can drastically increase the quality of life of your residents—and therefore create a more enjoyable working environment for your staff.

Aufderworld, as experts in senior TV cable plans, discusses a few A/V innovations below that you might find useful when it comes to senior living TV and beyond.

Consider the Unique Needs of Your Senior Clientele

Of course, senior citizens appreciate convenience as much as the next person, but this demographic does have unique needs when it comes to providing high-quality A/V services. A well-rounded team of audio-visual consultants like those at Aufderworld can provide everything your senior living facility might need, such as:

Hearing Loop Systems

Through innovative technology, hearing loop systems can magnetically deliver sound directly to any person wearing a modernized hearing aid. In a senior living facility, where many clients suffer from hearing impairment, this can help increase accessibility and let everyone, regardless of their hearing abilities, enjoy the television together.

Control Systems

Centralizing the control of your audio and visual technology can make it easier for clientele with mobility problems to fully participate in your facility’s culture and enjoy the amenities. Installing control panels in individual media rooms can be a smart choice for senior homes everywhere.

Sound Masking

While this isn’t a feature on your televisions, per se, it definitely is one that enables your residents to better focus on their favorite television shows. By reducing excessive noise, sound masking enables your residents to enjoy their recreation in the peace and quiet they deserve.

Help Your Staff Out With Innovative A/V Solutions

Of course, it’s not just your clientele that can benefit from new audio / visual tech; your staff can make use of it just as well! Because they take care of those in your facility, anything you install to benefit them will also benefit your clientele. Happy staff mean a happy facility, so check out our recs for your employees below.

Commercial Televisions

After your staff take their regulated breaks, you want them to come back to the floor rested and revived, ready to tackle the next task. What better way to accomplish this than with a commercial television installation in the break room? When your workers can quickly swap to their favorite shows while chowing down on their lunch break, time off can do double-time as far as rejuvenation goes.

You’d be wise to help your staff get the most out of this rest-and-reboot period. According to The International Director, breaks at work can up creativity, lower the risk of injury, improve concentration, and boost morale. So don’t just think of breaks as something you’re legally obligated to give your employees—embrace their full potential with a commercial television and watch your workforce change for the better.

Digital Signage

Senior living facilities are often sprawling expanses, with many hallways and alcoves—so when staff must get to a new place fast to, say, tend to a medical emergency, they need all the guidance they can get. The obvious solution would be signs, but they can easily fade into the background, especially if a staff member is moving quickly.

Not the case with digital signage, though! By displaying relevant information in a bright, hard-to-miss format, you can rest easy knowing that your staff have the tech they need to speed them on their way. Your residents will enjoy more efficient care and your employees less frustration—what’s not to like?

To learn more about how to get the most out of digital signage, check out our blog on the subject.

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