If you are the owner or property manager for a commercial property, such as an apartment complex, senior living facility, or resort, you likely have Pro:Idiom. However, the area you’re in or the services you provide to your guests may limit whether or not you can have Pro:Idiom. At Aufderworld Corporation, our audio/visual design and installation team can design a hotel distribution system for you no matter if you have Pro:Idiom or not. Here, our licensed technicians will discuss how we can custom design and build a system without using Pro:Idiom for your hotel or resort.

What Is Pro:Idiom?

Pro:Idiom was primarily created to provide security for hospitality businesses who were using widely known entertainment services. As technology has advanced, it has become easier for some people to hack into your systems and illegally stream or copy content. However, Pro:Idiom encrypts the content at your hospitality business, which protects it from being stolen. For instance, certain entertainment providers will not allow you to use their services unless you have Pro:Idiom capabilities. With Pro:Idiom, you can distribute entertainment services from one, centralized box, which then distributes the content to each individual room, unlike with older technologies when every room had to have one box. To learn more about Pro:Idiom, contact Aufderworld’s team today.

How Can We Create A System Without Pro:Idiom?

At Aufderworld, we are a trusted DIRECTV distributor and can install and program a variety of different DIRECTV services. One of these services is DIRECTV’s Residential Experience (DRE). DRE is a system that gives your guests immediate access to over 100 HD channels. DRE is similar to other services where we can program it to be controlled from one centralized location and distributed throughout your facility. Additionally, DRE has custom abilities, which allows for parental controls and other features. If you are looking to avoid Pro:Idiom or it is not available for you, DRE is a great option. When you contact our team, we will come to your facility to analyze your current setup before designing a new one. We will then program it to your exact specifications. From there, we will get your approval before getting to work installing your new DRE system.

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