Hearing loops are a safe, hygienic, more efficient way to universally help people with cochlear implants and hearing aids thrive in their environment. At Aufderworld, we can install hearing loop systems in a variety of businesses and settings to ensure your guests or residents can enhance their hearing with ease.


Our team will visit your location and determine the best area for a hearing loop installation. Whether it’s the common room, the chapel, or the dining area, we’ll develop a system to help your guests or residents hear more easily.

Hearing Loop Installation Benefits

●      Ease For Your Residents

Oftentimes, you think of hearing loops being used in large, open spaces where presentations or events take place, such as churches, conference rooms, or small arenas. However, in recent years, many residential businesses have been investing in hearing loop systems to help their residents and guests hear better and enhance their quality of life. Many residents in senior living facilities are hard of hearing and rely on different devices to ease their hearing.


With a hearing loop installation, you can help each resident with hearing aids or cochlear implants connect to the system. Hearing loop systems magnetically transport sound waves to each connected device, which puts the sound directly in the ear of your residents. While they are not overly useful for one-on-one conversations, they are extremely beneficial if there is a large meeting, overhead announcements, and more. The sound will be delivered directly in their ears, so they won’t have to strain to hear important announcements.

●      Quality Sound

Unlike other hearing technologies, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you never have to worry about the sound fading or cutting off with hearing loop systems. Hearing loops magnetically transport sound waves to each person’s hearing aid by utilizing telecoils. Telecoils will be set up around your facility, and all your residents and guests have to do is turn on their hearing aids or implants. By doing this, people at your facility won’t have to turn up their speakers, which can disturb others in the vicinity.

●      More Inclusive

Hearing loops are inconspicuous, which is a great benefit for anyone who is embarrassed about their hearing loss. Some people may be uncomfortable adjusting the sound on their hearing aids or cochlear implants, but with hearing loops, they don’t need to worry. Because hearing loops magnetically transport sound into each person’s ears, they don’t need to adjust the sound or bring attention to the fact they are hard of hearing. This is especially useful if your residents and guests are participating in a community event, or you are hosting an event to bring everyone together. Your residents can inconspicuously enhance their hearing, which can encourage them to participate or make them feel more included.

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