Apartment living is all the rage these days, which means that your multi-unit housing complex is facing more and more competition if it wants to fill vacancies. With the lifestyle becoming popular in a variety of demographics—even wealthy professionals—potential renters are seeking nothing but the best and the most cutting-edge living.

Luckily, Aufderworld, your Minneapolis provider of audio visual services and more, has just the tech you need to bring your apartment complex into the modern era. Below, we’ll let you in on our top picks for the multi-unit housing facility that wants to stand out.

Commercial DIRECTV

It’s a hit for sports bars, as we covered in our commercial AV systems blog, and it’ll be a hit for you, too. Streaming services are getting more and more expensive, in addition to multiplying at a seemingly exponential rate. While it’s great to have a variety of shows at one’s disposal, navigating this expense can be tricky for even affluent renters—which is where commercial DIRECTV comes into play.

When your apartment complex offers immediate access to DIRECTV’s robust line of shows and channels, potential renters can save big on their media services, which serves as a valuable enticement.

Media Rooms and Movie Theaters

A common sight in apartment complexes geared towards college students, media rooms and movie theaters serve as wonderful gathering spaces for tenants and their families. As a built-in technological haven, these sorts of installations can demonstrate that you understand the importance that media plays in the modern lifestyle—and that you’ll do your best to cater to that lifestyle for your potential residents.

Keep in mind that movie theaters and media rooms are two different audio visual spaces; we dive into which one might be right for you in our AV installation blog. In short: movie theaters are more geared towards film-viewing, but media rooms tend to serve as building hubs.

Digital Signage

Looking to make an impression as soon as potential renters walk in for a tour? Digital signage can provide. It’s a thoroughly modern way of displaying information—not to mention a practical one. By keeping residents in the loop regarding everything from the weather to building-wide events, you demonstrate to potential renters that you care about their comfort and the convenience of their day-to-day lives.

Modernize Your Complex With Aufderworld

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