A movie theater and a media room are technically the same thing, right? You can watch a movie in a media room and consume media (movies) in a movie theater. So why do professionals in the audio-visual industry, like Audferworld, use two different terms to talk about the same thing?

Well, because, in reality, media rooms and movie theaters aren't the same.

While they may serve a similar purpose, their construction and designs make them respectively useful for different businesses. Aufderworld, a provider of movie theater projection and media rooms, has the scoop below. Read on to find out which one is the right fit for you.

Movie Theaters

This modern space is a great place to kick back and relax, and you want to make sure you plan ahead and carefully consider all the factors to ensure the installation is successful.

Knowing your budget and talking to your insurance company to see if there's any impact on your coverage is always recommended before starting, and do research for extra features you might want to include.

Cozy & Technical

As their name suggests, movie theaters for offices, senior living facilities, and more are quite similar to their big-screen counterparts. Specialized and sophisticated, they boast top-notch audio-visual design, rows of seats, and a generally comfortable feel.

They're spaces solely to enjoy the latest flick or television episode, meaning they can go all out on that purpose—think no windows, soundproof walls, the works.

Luxurious Experience

Not that media rooms can't provide that, of course. Leather upholstery and awesome control panels do wonders for a place's pizazz! But if you're looking to provide tenants or guests with that true ritzy experience with a space that's fit for date nights, your room is just begging for a movie theater.

Ultimate Viewing Experience

Any home theater will have components like screens and projector combinations or an HDTV, a preamplifier/amplifier, and an audio receiver. While high-definition TVs are easier to control and more familiar, some prefer a screen for a more realistic theater experience.

Expert Sound Quality

Optimizing sound brings the movies to life, and multiple speakers should be set in designated spaces for the ultimate experience. Typically, they are placed surrounding the seats in the center, right, and left front sections of the room, and a subwoofer is included in a corner or close to a wall to increase the bass output and provide a truly immersive viewing experience.

Media Rooms

Your media room, on the other hand, is meant to be multifunctional and will have various equipment because the focus is more on relaxation and entertainment than the full-scale theater experience.

Creating a plan to optimize the environment can help you bring it together for the perfect gathering environment and help you incorporate any elements that make it feel more comfortable.

Go With High-Def

You want the perfect picture, and in media rooms, the video display is typically a smart TV that offers good contrast and a rich image. If you want a more cinematic experience, keep your seating area around 1.5 times the diagonal display and choose a larger screen for optimal viewing.

Turn Up the Volume

While your TV may have the highest quality speakers on the market, it won't give the same effect as the surround system. Investing in five to seven speakers in a subwoofer along with the receiver can keep your DIRECTV receiver and Blu-ray player connected for a rich and powerful experience.

Warm Gathering Spaces

Whereas movie theaters are the specialized experts, media rooms are the jacks of all trades. Sure, you can watch a movie in them and have a grand old time, but you can also use them to casually gather, entertain, or simply hang out alone. Media rooms tend to double as living spaces; envision a living room but on a grander, more luxurious scale.


Not that you can't make a community using a movie theater—that's perfectly possible, too! However, the openness and multi-use potential of a media room lend it to a variety of local events.

Set up donuts there for an office party or rent the space out to your college-age tenants for their club events. If you've got groups queueing up to use a multifunctioning space, a media room is perfect.

Can't Decide? Aufderworld Is Here to Help!

Aufderworld provides the pinnacle of excellence in installation for both types of spaces, so don't fret on that front. But our experts can also consult with you on which type of entertainment room is best for your building.

Our talented team of audio-visual consultants and commercial TV installation pros will revamp your space into a perfectly business-boosting hub! Give our Minneapolis office a call today at 763-233-7700, or feel free to connect with us online. We will get back to you quickly.