If you own a neighborhood sports bar, you play an important role in the community. A down-home space where people can gather to eat great food and bond over a common interest are difficult to find these days.

Your sports bar deserves to stand out with advanced audio visual technology. By going above and beyond the standard characteristics of a sports bar will help your business stay above the competition.

Read on for Aufderworld’s top picks for sensational sports bars everywhere.

Commercial DIRECTV With NFL Sunday Ticket

Football is a huge money draw, and if your sports bar isn’t airing the big games on Sundays, you’re missing out on an equally large profit gain. Customers are only interested in catching the latest games.

That’s why you need Commercial DIRECTV with NFL Sunday Ticket. Never miss an important regional game again, and provide your customers with truly thrilling and meaningful entertainment to keep them coming back to your business. With the hundred-plus potential channels you can get with this version of sports bar TV, there’s always something on to enthrall your patrons—even when the games don’t.

Video Walls

For big games you’ll need the big pictures that video walls provide. By using many smaller screens to create one large image, video walls make for a larger-than-life viewing experience. If your sports bar wants to be known as the place to catch the game, invest in a video wall system and make your entertainment large and in charge.

Restaurant Sound Systems

No bones about it: sports bars are loud — but that’s part of their appeal! To combat conflicting noises during a big game, you’ll need a powerful sound system that allows everyone to still hear and enjoy the game. Closed captions can be nice for those who want a quieter experience, but people also come to sports bars to get loud! Cater to this integral part of the sports bar experience with a state-of-the-art restaurant sound system.

Aufderworld: Your Spot for Sports Bar Tech

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