Your video wall is probably the crown jewel of your facility. Whether you work in a government building, hotel, or senior living center, having an entire wall dedicated to conveying information is certainly something to be proud of!

Indeed, you can put almost anything on your video wall – the possibilities are endless. Of course, it sometimes makes selecting one a little difficult.

To help you get the most out of your video wall, Aufderworld, your Minneapolis audio-visual experts, present some ideas below.

Use Your Video Wall for Informational Purposes

As far as practicality goes, you can’t get more utilitarian than video walls. They use their large size to their advantage, making whatever you put on them more than visible.

So why not take advantage of this yourself? Use your video wall like a high-tech, attention-grabbing bulletin board and keep visitors and guests alike informed.

What this means, though, depends on what type of business we’re talking about.


You can display the weather, building events, and conventions, giving customers the resources to plan their stays. Check out more tech that’s great for hotels here!


Consider using portions of video walls to display menus, cutting down on printing costs and improving sanitation. There are many ways to help your sports bar succeed from a technological standpoint.

Government Facilities

Use your video wall to display logistical information, cutting down on their hardworking staff's burden. Here’s another tech upgrade that can help your facility in this respect.

Because video walls are so large, whatever is depicted on them is bound to have maximum effect. By making that effect practical, your business can operate more seamlessly and safely – all thanks to your video wall system.

1. Set the Vibe With Gorgeous Imagery

Video walls can be programmed to show one massive image across their many screens, making a display even more dominating than a roadside billboard.

While informational displays might operate in a more practical sense, aesthetically oriented ones do best at setting an atmosphere. If you’ve ever been to a lackluster sports game, you know just how important ambiance is to a good time – your facility, be it a sports bar or a resort, is no exception.

If you’re looking to add some razzle dazzle to a lobby space or sitting area, consider images of people having a good time, social-media-worthy shots of your attractions, or videos from past events that are coming up again soon.

The great thing about LED video walls is that they’re flexible, so they can create whatever vibe your facility needs at a given time.

2. Advertise Your Latest Deals

In today’s cluttered advertising world, you need some powerful tech to draw potential customers’ attention, and video walls provide. Because they’re massively bold, they make a great avenue to inform the passerby and regular alike about the sports bar’s latest fish-fry deal, your hotel’s recently discounted rooms, and more.

Unlike billboards or other non-digital advertising media, video walls can display eye-catching motion and hook a viewer’s attention – similar to how, when we walk into a room, our focus is instantly grabbed by a television if it’s already been turned on.

That’s the exact sort of limelight your ads need to inform customers of your business’s awesome affordability.

3. Build Your Business’s Brand

If your business doesn’t have a brand, it’s about time you started one! Essentially, a brand is your company boiled down to the persona and reputation it has among anyone who interacts with it.

It’s “an intangible asset that helps people identify a specific company and its products. This is especially true when companies need to set themselves apart from others who provide similar products on the market,” claims Investopedia.

And since “People must know your brand in order to buy your products or services,” as per Walden University, it benefits your company to pay attention to how you’re putting yourself out there.

Video walls help build your brand from the ground up. They provide a massively eye-catching space to show off whatever brand-building media you desire.

Whether it’s video clips showing your hotel’s focus on client comfort or a carefully-curated display of a down-home good time for your sports bar, video walls are a flashy way to create and control your business’s public image.

4. Social Media Feeds

Incorporating live social media feeds on your video wall will keep customers engaged and connected with your brand. This is another opportunity to utilize your video wall display to expand your company’s branding while giving customers a chance to see their participation in real-time.

For instance, if you run a restaurant, you can display real-time Instagram posts from satisfied customers featuring their mouth-watering food photos and positive reviews.

Whether it’s displaying all the latest positive online reviews or showcasing photos uploaded by your followers, this video wall content strategy enhances social proof, increases brand credibility, and encourages user-generated content, all of which can attract more customers and boost your online presence.

5. Interactive Digital Wayfinding

Another way to accommodate your clientele with your video wall display is to implement interactive wayfinding software or resources to guide customers throughout your business premises.

This is especially effective for shopping centers or expansive retail outlets, in which businesses can display an intuitive map on the video wall, allowing customers to search for specific stores, check available promotions, and even get real-time directions to their desired destinations.

This dynamic wayfinding system enhances customer experience, reduces confusion, and promotes exploration within your establishment.

6. Data Visualization & Analytics

One overlooked way to utilize your video wall is to display real-time data visualizations and analytics relevant to your employees and clients.

Eye-catching numbers that highlight sales, revenue, or social media stats can help put more perspective into the success and reach of your business.

For example, if you manage a call center, you can showcase key performance metrics, such as call volume, average wait times, and customer satisfaction ratings. This data visualization also informs employees about their performance and motivates them to improve productivity.

Additionally, highlighting these analytics can create more workplace transparency while fostering a culture of accountability within the organization.

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