Few things are more official-feeling than doing business with the government—but few things have the reputation of being more exasperating. From long lines at the DMV to inefficient, overburdened workers, the public can experience its fair share of hassles while handling important business in official facilities, which can potentially put people off from handling what legally needs to be done.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though! Audio visual technology can do wonders for improving the public’s experiences while visiting a government facility. Below, Aufderworld, your preferred Minneapolis audio visual consultants, reveals our top picks for this application.

Sound Masking

Though it’s been widely adopted in hospitals and financial institutions, sound masking is a technology that government facilities should embrace with open arms. The science behind it is complex—check it out in our AV installation blog—but, in short, it uses sounds that mimic the frequencies of human speech to distort faraway conversations, leading to a feeling of comfort and privacy.

In today’s chaotic world, that feeling is a rarity, and it’s even more so in government institutions, wherein noisy lines or a generally public nature can cause major metaphorical headaches. Give attendees the feeling of peace and quiet with sound masking devices, however, and your facility will be one of the most comfortable around.

Digital Signage

Many governmental facilities, with  few exceptions, are quite large, making them difficult to navigate even for longtime employees, let alone someone who is visiting for the first time! Remove the burden of providing directions from your staff with digital signage. Bright and bold, it effortlessly catches the attention of the passerby, allowing them to get to their destinations quickly and ensure efficient business.


For government facilities that house private information, security is essential—and you need to go above and beyond the standard set of guards. CCTV, as we covered in our commercial security cameras system blog on the subject, functions as a fly on the wall in all rooms of your building. Nothing goes unnoticed or unrecorded. This serves a number of beneficial purposes, from dissuading criminals from acting in the first place to providing evidence that could prove indispensable in a court case.

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