Your video wall is probably the crown jewel of your facility. Whether you work in a government building, hotel, or senior living center, having an entire wall dedicated to conveying information is certainly something to be proud of!

Indeed, you can put almost anything on your video wall; the possibilities are endless. Which, of course, sometimes makes it a little difficult to select one. To help you get the most out of your video wall, Aufderworld, your Minneapolis audio visual experts, present some ideas below.

Use Your Video Wall for Informational Purposes

As far as practicality goes, you can’t get more utilitarian than video walls. They use their large size to their advantage, making whatever you put on them more than visible—so why not take advantage of this yourself? Use your video wall like a high-tech, attention-grabbing bulletin board and keep visitors and guests alike informed.

●        Hotels can display the weather and building events and conventions, giving customers the resources they need to plan their stays.

●        Bars can use portions of video walls to display menus, cutting down on printing costs and improving sanitation.

●        Government facilities can display logistical information, cutting down on the burden their hardworking staff carry.

Because video walls are so large, whatever is depicted on them is bound to have maximum effect. By making that effect practical, your business can operate more seamlessly and safely—all thanks to your video wall system.

Set the Vibe With Gorgeous Imagery

Video walls can be programmed to show one massive image across their multitude of screens, making for a display even more dominating than a roadside billboard. While informational displays might operate in a more practical sense, aesthetically-oriented ones do best at setting an atmosphere.

If you’ve ever been to a lackluster sports game, you know just how important ambiance is to a good time—your facility, be it a sports bar or a resort is no exception. If you’re looking to add some razzle dazzle to a lobby space or sitting area, consider images of people having a good time, social-media-worthy shots of your attractions, or videos from the past events that are coming up again soon. The great thing about LED video walls: they’re flexible, so whatever vibe your facility needs at a given time, they can create.

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