As somebody who undoubtedly plays a vital role in your business, you probably feel like a control hub sometimes! Answering questions, putting out metaphorical fires, and sometimes even tackling grunt work yourself – the list of stuff you must tackle daily is immense. You have to wear many hats to keep your enterprise afloat, especially during these chaotic times.

But what if there was a way to simplify all of that? Don’t go through all the hassle of seeking and vetting potential candidates, though – just invest in a commercial control system or two! These handy devices enable you to tackle various tasks from a single electronic hub, letting you work smartly, get more done, and stay stress free.

Below, Aufderworld, a team of Minneapolis AV consultants, outlines the role control systems can play in a given business and their many practical applications.

Control Systems: Your Business’s Future Simplifiers

Depending on your control systems design professional, when installed, all control systems might look different from one another and accomplish different things. In general, though, control systems enable you to: 

  • Control your building’s temperature.

  • Manage commercial AV systems.

  • Oversee your business’s lighting.

  • And more!

And all this from a singular wall system! Such a convenient piece of equipment, of course, has advantages for many industries, such as:  

Boost Customer Satisfaction

When you and your employees can more quickly manipulate your business’s ambiance, you can spend more time with your customers, resulting in higher satisfaction rates.

Decrease Worker Stress

Nobody likes running laps around their place of employment. When all your essential maintenance tasks can be accomplished in one place, your workers can breathe easier (both literally and figuratively, sometimes) as their tasks become much less exhausting and time-consuming.

Automate Your AV Setup 

Commercial control systems provide a wide variety of advantages when utilizing audio-video technology for your business. Commercial control systems can improve workplace efficiency by simplifying and automating the process of controlling multiple AV devices, including projectors, digital displays, video walls, sound systems, video conferencing equipment, and more. 

With the press of one button on a remote or touch panel user interface, employees can quickly link up multiple pieces of AV equipment, eliminating time-wasting manual connections between each device.

Improve Picture & Sound Quality 

Installing a commercial control system allows for enhanced picture and sound quality for better viewing and listening experiences for your customers or clients. The latest technology ensures that every piece of AV equipment is integrated in perfect harmony with little to no signal dropouts or interference. 

Furthermore, advanced image processing capabilities for color and brightness corrections can give customers a more inviting, engaging atmosphere.

Customize Your AV Settings 

Commercial control systems also accommodate employee and customer needs by providing a wide range of custom programming options. 

For instance, businesses can program their personal preferences into the system, such as sound levels, screen size, and more, by pressing one button from a remote or touch panel user interface. 

This allows employees to quickly respond to changes in AV technology while maintaining superior performance at all times.

Create a Better Company Culture

When burdened with running from task to task, it’s too easy for you or your employees to forget something as simple as dimming the lights for the dinnertime crowd. A control system simplifies on-the-clock tasks, making them easier to remember and complete. 

When employees aren’t hustling from job to job and aren’t stressed out, they’ll be at peace enough to tackle everything on their to-do lists, resulting in consistently great service and atmosphere.

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