Sports fans are everywhere, and you want to give them the best viewing experience possible. But how can you decide between DIRECTV and Hulu? 

One of the biggest decisions will come down to your values because they both have benefits. 

For a quick comparison, check out our guide below to help you make a decision that's best for your needs.


Currently, Hulu + Live TV starts at around $77 a month, and DIRECTV comes in at around $75.00 a month. 

Pretty comparable, right? 

However, the pricing of each program will depend on the channels and features selected, which will alter the base cost. 

Channel Variety

When you consider the overall channels available, DIRECTV's basic package can include up to 35 standard cable channels, while Hulu's basic package only delivers 33. 

DIRECTV Stream offers every major channel like Hulu but also gives you access to WeTV and AMC as an added bonus.

Sports Options

There is a huge difference between DIRECTV Stream and Hulu live TV, and in most cases, DIRECTV Stream makes more sense because it offers the MLB Network, NBA TV, NHL, and NFL Network for around $79.

While Hulu offers the NFL Network and NFL Red Zone, DIRECTV Stream has the widest access to regional sports networks through its streaming service, but depending on what you choose, they may come at an additional cost.

Both options are comparable if you're looking for college sports, and both provide access to options like Big 10 Network, CBS Sports, ESPN U, and SEC Network.

Extra Features

The only area where Hulu TV shines a little brighter is its features. 

While both services have DVR, Hulu has unlimited storage, whereas DIRECTV streams have a limit of 30 episodes of a show. 

Hulu also has a vast library of on-demand content, and subscribers automatically get ESPN and Disney Plus as additional options, but if your primary focus is on sports, DIRECTV is the way to go. 

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