If you’re choosing to update your audio visual system right now, you’re making a smart choice. As audio visual distributors, we know how powerful top-notch technology is when it comes to keeping customers. When every well-off business is constantly switching to more futuristic tech, yours must keep up or risk being forgotten as clients become more accustomed to the modernized service of your competitors.

But who should you hire to help your business reap these benefits? Which audio visual company is the right fit for the installation job? In the Minneapolis area especially, audio visual consultants are plentiful, and all of them claim that they offer the highest-quality service around.

What’s the real deal?

Aufderworld Is Your One-Stop Shop for AV in Minneapolis

We are truly the highest-quality AV provider of everything from retirement home TV to AV systems for commercial businesses. In everything we do, we prioritize quality service and results – just ask our many satisfied customers!

How’d we get all of those sterling reviews? The way we achieve this level of service is multi-faceted, and it’s exactly why we’re the best audio visual consultants in the area.

We’re Thorough

It takes us eight steps from consultation to providing post-installation support. This isn’t to say our service is inefficient! We’re just detail-oriented and want to make sure we dot our Is and cross our Ts.

Only Top-Quality Audio Visual Solutions

We’ve partnered with DIRECTV to give great shows to our clients, and we only install top-notch equipment. Combine that with our emphasis on customer service and innovative thinking, and your business can’t go wrong.

We’ve Got a Long History of Audio Visual Success

We’ve been in business since the 1980s, so our company knows how to stay on top of the latest tech –  and how to bring that tech to you.

We Offer Personalized Audio Visual Solutions

We understand that every business is different—and this goes beyond their respective industry. Workflow and customer care are both specific to your company and facility. Nobody does it quite like you! We believe audio visual consultants and their services should enhance what you’re best at or provide solutions to specific problems. There’s no cookie-cutter way to do A/V installation and when you work with a company like us who understands that, you’ll get an A/V system that synergizes with your team and takes your company above and beyond its competition.

Aufderworld Is Comprehensive

As we stated, the right A/V installation will look different for every business. Not only is that true in a systematic sense, but it also applies to A/V products, too. That’s why we at Aufderworld are proud to be well-versed in a variety of the most cutting edge A/V technologies. From sound masking to video walls to hearing loop systems and more, we have the wide breadth of expertise needed to provide seamless solutions for any facility.

We See Beyond the Surface

Audio / visual installation is more than just finding solutions and putting technology to work; it’s discovering the best way these advancements can be used to enhance the customer experience. We see what we do as incredibly people-oriented, despite its additional focus on technical knowledge. Given this multi-level understanding, we’re well-equipped to create the perfect audio visual setup to make client experiences amazing.

Contact Aufderworld Today for Business-Boosting AV Systems

Ready to embrace the future with new audio visual technology – and also to embrace a bigger customer load? If so, contact Aufderworld’s Minneapolis office online today, or give us a call now at 763-233-7700.