In today’s modern, go-go-go age, employees in the hospitality industry must work harder than ever to cater to the high standards of their guests. And while productivity is something that stems from a high-morale, high-energy team, that same team also needs the tools – not just the drive – to get more done.

We’re talking about innovative A/V technology, of course! With the right audio-visual help to back them up, your team can have the most challenging parts of their load shouldered and feel freer to work harder and smarter.

Aufderworld, your Minneapolis provider of everything from commercial DIRECTV to sound masking, has our top picks for the high-energy hotel crew below.

Digital Signage

Your hotel staff may be happy to answer attendees’ questions. But when you’re also trying to, say, bus luggage up and down the stairs as quickly as possible, pausing to give a thorough explanation can really dig into your work time – especially when you’re doing it repeatedly for different guests.

If your team runs into this problem, consider digital signage to help. By displaying everything from the weather to event schedules, guests can find all the information they need in a single glance, sparing your staff from the sometimes time-consuming task of answering or finding information.

While there’s certainly a role for the front desk, they have a lot on their plate already!

Control Systems

Is turning the lights and audio system on in your main dining room a daily ordeal? Does your staff scramble to close things up at night or get ready for early risers? A control system can be just the ticket to a better client experience.

These handy devices essentially centralize various parts of your A/V system, enabling control from a singular wall panel. When your staff can open up at the touch of a button, they can spend the extra time making everything just so, welcoming customers in with the full luxurious experience you’ve always dreamed your hotel could offer.


This one’s practically a necessity for any top-notch hotel team. CCTV can help your business in many ways, enabling team members to view your entire facility through cameras in one room.

Whether you’re dealing with clients in need, struggling team members, or potentially suspicious activity, commercial security camera systems capture it all, allowing help to be quickly dispatched to the proper location.

Sound Masking Systems

In such open-floor working environments as a hotel, acoustics can play a pivotal role in assessing performance and productivity levels. From prioritizing privacy and confidentiality to blocking out excessive noise, sound masking systems are a perfect AV solution to minimizing acoustic distractions hindering your staff’s potential.

Sound masking devices, or speech privacy systems, project a nearly undetectable ambient noise. The frequencies generated by sound masking technology are designed to match the frequency of human speech, making conversations and other distracting sounds less noticeable.

It may seem unusual to reduce sound with more sound, but it is a highly practical and effective resource for optimizing workplace performance. By installing a sound masking system, hotel employees can still hear those close to them talking, but any excess noises further away will become unintelligible and, therefore, much less disruptive.

Sound masking creates a working environment with minimal acoustic-related distractions for all staff members.

Converged Networks

Overloading your hotel staff with too much information regarding various A/V technologies can ultimately overwhelm them, impacting their productivity. More hotels need to look into implementing a converged network to manage their audio-visual needs, which will streamline all A/V operations and simplify the staff’s overall lines of communication.

Converged networks allow hospitality businesses to combine their data, voice, and video networks into a one-stop shop to improve connectivity between hotel departments. From faster response times to quickly attending to guests’ inquiries or concerns, establishing a converged network improves flexibility and scalability and reduces overall A/V maintenance, ultimately lightening the workload for your staff.

Optimizing your hotel’s communication resources allows you to keep the chain of communication fluid and centralized, ensuring your staff remains on the same page throughout the day.

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