In today’s world, it may be beneficial for your employees to implement a sound masking system in your office setting. In many new-age office settings, open floor plans are commonplace, and while open floor plans provide many benefits, they also have some negative effects, as well. Open office spaces generally allow for a more collaborative, team-based environment, which can enhance the bonds amongst your employees.


However, open spaces can also have negative impacts on workspaces. When there is no reason to collaborate but you can still hear the movements of everyone around you, it can cause a negative effect. Here, our experts at Aufderworld Corporation will walk you through sound masking systems and help you determine if you should implement one at your business.

What a Sound Masking System Does

A Sound masking system does not provide a massive distraction in the business place; instead, it causes a subtle distraction that most people don’t even notice. Each sound masking system is built so it automatically adjusts to the acoustics of the room it’s in. Using a system of sensors, controllers, and speakers, a sound masking system causes white noise to radiate through the office or other place of business. This causes a very subtle noise to travel through the space, so employees cannot hear as many distractions as before.


Sound masking systems are not just used in office spaces. They can be used in a variety of other businesses, education facilities, and more. If you were to implement a sound masking system in your hotel or resort, you could increase the comfort of your guests. If installed in hallways, it would block noise from or diminish noise for other guests. Sound masking systems can also be useful in public spaces, such as libraries. It would block the excess noise and allow others to be more productive.

Enhanced Privacy

Sound masking systems are also great if you are looking for increased privacy in your workplace. If your business deals with many confidential files or deals, such as law firms and hospitals, sound masking systems can be used to muffle private conversations from your employees, clients, guests, and more.

What Aufderworld Can Do For You

When you request our help with your audio/visual system needs, our team of professionals will meet with you to discover exactly what you need. We will come to your commercial business to analyze your current system or to analyze your facility to determine if a sound masking system would be right for you. From there, we will help you:

●        Determine Your Budget

●        Design Your System(s)

●        Test and Install Your System(s)

●        Answer Any Questions You May Have

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