Television serves as a huge customer draw for many industries. Sports bars rely on sports bar TV to rake in the dough when the big games show, hospitals rely on hospital TV systems to soothe their patients between medical procedures. Television packages play an integral role in the functioning of many businesses—so how do you know if your current one just isn’t working for you?

On the surface, it can seem like quite the unanswerable question. Profits and customer satisfaction can come from so many different things, not just audio visual technology, and it’s a bit hard sometimes to ask how customers feel about your current commercial AV systems.

In a hospital setting, for example, though your hospital TV systems are still crucial to a quality stay, they often aren’t the first thing clients might assess when it comes to direct feedback (in contrast to a sports bar, in which the importance of sports bar TV is front and center).

Aufderworld, Minneapolis audio visual consultants and providers of DIRECTV packages for a variety of industries, are here to help. We’ll show you how to quickly assess the fit of your current TV package below.

Figuring Out What’s Not Working With Your TV Packages

No matter what industry your business resides in, you owe it to your customers to provide them with top-notch entertainment in the form of a variety of channels. In these crazy times, we all need a little bit of an escape, and the least you can do as a business is provide that escape.

Thus, if you know you’re not competitive when it comes to the amount of channels you have, and you know you’re not doing all you can, it’s time for an upgrade. Additional signs that your current TV package is just not cutting it include:

●        Customers complaining about a lack of parental controls. Hotel TV systems often can become an unsupervised child’s playground without them. Needless to say, this does not lead to a stress-free stay!

●        You’re losing customers on game days. If your client flow is drifting off somewhere else to watch the big game, then you’ve got problems.

●        Your residents struggle to navigate your television’s interface. A television package that’s as complicated as calculus: there’s no better way to lose a customer of any sort. Sit down with a customer’s TV and try to navigate it yourself. If it doesn’t come intuitively to you, it’s probably time to make a change.

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