In many ways, we live in an on-demand society. The news is available at the click of a smartphone’s home button, and video games can provide instant entertainment wherever we go. Even television has progressed this way. Indeed, many people are making the switch to streaming services on which they can watch their favorite shows legally and immediately (or in as much time as it takes those shows to buffer, anyway!). And these streaming services are no small potatoes—the amount of content on them is staggering.

It’s this rapid switch in the way that consumers use media that might have left your business thinking if other services, such as commercial DIRECTV, are worth it. If visitors to your hotel or tenants in your apartment already have streaming services on their phones or computers, why invest in things such as DIRECTV apartment or DIRECTV for hotels?

While streaming services are indeed a seemingly integral part of modern life, we at Aufderworld, as audio/visual consultants and A/V installation experts, are here to tell you that streaming services are never the be-all-end-all for your business and that you’d be wise to have an alternative up your sleeve to properly serve your guests.

Commercial Televisions with Commercial DIRECTV: A Reliable Customer Draw

The fact of the matter is that both streaming services and more traditional commercial TV uses have their strengths. By refusing to invest in a package such as those offered by DIRECTV, you’d be missing out on the successes of such a format and leaving your guests in the dark.

●        Not all in-demand media is available on all streaming services |  For example, options such as NFL Sunday Ticket can bring your customers programs that their favorite services simply don’t offer. What better of a draw is there?

●        It’s not always practical for your customers to use streaming services | For example, staring at one’s phone at a bar is often considered quite rude. Give your customers the chance to enjoy the media together in a socially acceptable and enjoyable way.

●        Certain customers also appreciate the familiarity of traditional television | For example, streaming services might be hard to grasp for members of your senior retirement home community. Provide them with a more easy-to-use approach to cater to their comfort.

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