With the advent of collaborative workflow, open-office plans are becoming more popular than ever — for good reason. Aside from allowing workers to spice up their daily grind with seating flexibility, they foster a space where ideas and inspiration flow freely.

That being said, open-office plans come with their fair share of disadvantages. One of the biggest ones: noise. As a business owner with such office space, you'd be wise to get a handle on this problem with sound masking before it begins to spiral out of control.

Aufderworld, your Minneapolis provider of sound masking devices and more, is here to discuss what happens in an open-office plan when noise is left unchecked and how sound masking systems can help you put a lid on it!

Everyone Works Best at Different Noise Levels

Some people need to bounce ideas off of other people and socialize to feel like they're truly at work, and for these folks, a noisy office space might work fine.

But others need silence, or at least lower noise levels, to focus. When an open office plan is the only working option provided to them, it's impossible for these employees to give it their all, which can tank your bottom line.

Sound masking is a great way to make sure everyone can be productive. Because it only muffles faraway conversations, your resident social butterflies can still blossom, while those who seek quieter spaces for concentration can also be at their best.

Minimizing Distractions Is Always a Good Thing

Though open-office plans facilitate the exchange of ideas, they also create more than their fair share of distractions, especially if employees constantly get dragged into non-work-related conversations halfway across the room.

The right speech privacy system can reduce the intelligibility of these conversations while leaving those that occur nearby unaffected.

Friendly chatting will still occur — just not the type that negatively impacts productivity.

Reduce Stress for a More Inspired Workforce

The fact that a noisy office can cause stress isn't new news. Studies from over 20 years ago to now have shown that even just a few hours in a noisy office can increase an employee's stress levels. Multiply that stress by every time the employee comes into the office, and you have someone who may develop workplace anxiety or depression.

Stress is immensely counterproductive and can have long-lasting physical and mental consequences. As a business owner, it's your responsibility to cut down on these consequences to maintain the morale and drive of your workforce, and sound masking can help you do just that.

Offer More Privacy

Even with the trend of open workspaces, anyone who has experienced them knows it can be challenging because there are no walls to block out excess noises.

Anything that happens on one side of the room everyone on the other knows about, and this can feel invasive, especially if there's personal or sensitive information that needs to be kept private.

Employees experiencing issues within the company may withhold information if they're worried about someone overhearing, leading to lower job satisfaction and less productivity.

Sound masking is designed to reduce this risk so your employees feel more comfortable and safe to talk about their concerns.

Decrease the Risk of Error

As a business owner, errors mean more time and money spent on correcting the issues, so finding ways to reduce the risk is a step forward for streamlining your system.

Sudden noises can lead your employees off task, creating more distractions, and it can take some time to get back to work.

This means less productivity and potentially dangerous errors if the information they're working with is not exact. Sound masking helps reduce the risk of distractions and costly mistakes, saving you time and money.

Create More Comfort

Any environment that needs a quieter atmosphere will find outside noises to be not only a distraction but, for some, uncomfortable.

The sound masking system emits background noise that blends in with the office setting, creating a gentle and soothing atmosphere. This result helps create a more conducive and comfortable workspace for everyone involved.

Aufderworld: Awesome Office Sound Masking Systems & More

Sound masking is an innovative technology that can help your open office space become more productive and comfortable for employees and clients. Our Minneapolis team of A/V consultants are experts in the field, and our 5-star reviews let you know you are working with a trusted name in the Twin Cities.

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