Sound masking: maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you think it isn’t for you—or, maybe you have no idea what we’re talking about. Regardless, this innovative technology is quickly becoming a coveted business solution for a variety of business needs, from silence to privacy. Companies all over Minnesota are popping up in order to fill this need. Many companies are trying to market complicated sound masking devices whose workings are difficult for the layperson to understand. Even if you are interested in these devices and what they can do for your business, you might be deterred, simply due to the complexity of the industry’s products.

At Aufderworld, as providers of sound masking systems and more, we feel it’s our duty to educate the public about speech privacy systems. How else are you to know if such technologies are right for your business, be it a fledgling facility or a corporate giant? Below, we’ll talk all about sound masking to help you discover if it could be right for you.

Sound Masking: The Basics

Sound masking is the quieting of distracting conversations via the projection of sound designed to mimic the frequencies of human speech. Sound masking is virtually undetectable; you’ll hardly notice the devices are there and working, but what you will notice is drastically quieter surroundings and increased sound-related privacy. There’s a reason sound masking systems are often known as speech privacy systems!

Quieting a workplace or other facility has many practical benefits.

●        It increases the comfort of its occupants | We’ve all heard the expression, “it’s so loud I can’t even hear myself think!” Many businesses, from senior homes to office buildings, would never wish this on their clientele or employees. Get a handle on your business’s auditory problems with sound masking.

●        It can boost worker efficiency (while still being inclusive) | Working in silence is just the thing some employees need to perform at their best. By investing in a sound management system, you give these workers the resources they need to achieve top-notch productivity. You also still provide room for those people who need background noise to function at full power—just have them bring headphones.

●        It protects confidentiality | From healthcare to government, many fields encounter situations in which confidentiality must be protected. Do your duty to preserve privacy in your business by investing in sound masking.

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