Hotels host gaggles of winter-break vacationers, retirement homes and apartments hold spaces for family gatherings—all sorts of businesses have more customers or engage with more people as the holidays roll around. While smart advertising and some tidying up do wonders for maximising your profit potential this time of year, so do the right audio / visual technologies. Take it from Aufderworld, your Minneapolis providers of commercial AV systems!

Though the right technological fit is always subjective, below we’ll outline a few potential pieces that can help your business’s holiday rush go smoothly and successfully.

Turn Up the Cozy Factor With Televisions

Many families have shows or movies that they watch as a tradition during the holidays—Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, anyone? When you provide commercial televisions that facilitate this, you’ll enable your retirement home residents or apartment tenants to take part in a treasured family pastime.

Hotels can make use of televisions, too! We discuss this in further detail in our blog “Best AV Tech to Boost Your Hotel’s Ambiance.” In short, though, giving the option of television to your guests allows them a cozy retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of seeing family and shopping.

Make the Most of Holiday Media With a Media Room

Televisions are great, but an equally as awesome spot for holiday media viewing is a room set specifically for the occasion! Media rooms are great assets for apartments year-round, as we covered in our blog “How a Luxurious AV System Can Help Attract and Keep Apartment Tenants”, but they’re amazing when the gathering season comes knocking.

Make space for your college tenants to host club parties, or provide a mixed-age-group complex the perfect spot to blast those holiday tunes. Resident satisfaction will soar!

Provide Respite With a Sound Masking System

We introduced our readers to sound masking in “How Can Sound Masking Improve Your Business?” but here’s the short scoop: sounds that correspond with the frequencies of human speech are played through a specialized audio system. While remaining hardly noticeable, such a system eliminates faraway distractions and lets employees concentrate—quite the benefit when seasonal distractions such as family get-togethers abound.

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