"Media room." It sounds like a place you might have attended inside your elementary school!

When audio/visual companies use the term in a commercial sense, though, they're usually referring to a designated space in which your clients can enjoy media of the digital type, which includes video games, movies, and television shows.

If you run a senior living facility, you might think you have no use for such a room. Aged individuals, you might reason, tend not to be known, exactly, for their love of modern technology, and they probably would prefer to bond over bingo nights instead anyway.

Allow Aufderworld, Minneapolis audio/visual consultants, to enlighten you! We've helped many senior living facilities see the benefits of a designated space for their retirement home TV, and we'd love to help you, too, starting with this blog post.

What's a Media Room vs. a Home Theater?

When you hear the term media room or home theater, they sound similar; however, they are far from that because of the tech involved.

A media room is designed for replicating cinematic experiences, but they're also built to be more practical and allow for the integration of other hobbies than just sitting and watching movies in a dark space. Media rooms offer a social atmosphere for game nights, reading, or spending time with your family, making them a versatile and user-friendly addition.

Home theaters are just mini versions of the traditional large-scale venues. Most often, the design is on sound quality, and while the media room will have some speakers, a home theater will have subwoofers and receivers in place for optimal sound.

They include enhanced seating for ultimate comfort, a large-screen TV or projector based on the room's layout, and preferred viewing options with smart feature capabilities for an enhanced viewing experience.

Benefits of Adding a Media Room to Your Retirement Home

Enjoying a good flick with good friends isn't an age-specific pastime. For example, when you walk into a movie theater, you don't just see parents and their children; families and friends of all shapes and sizes gather there.

Everyone can enjoy the film and other media that cater to their interests, and the senior citizens your staff care for are no exception. Of course, your clients will also get more out of a media room than being able to enjoy movies.

A Media Room Provides a Place to Get to Know New Residents

We've all been the odd person out in the room before, and it certainly isn't a pleasant experience. Provide a place where newer and long-standing residents can get to know one another by talking about their media interests and making new friends.

Spark Old Memories with Clients' Favorite Films

Help your clients reflect on a life well-lived with movies that remind them of happy times in their lives. You can even allow residents to play their favorite movies in the media room, allowing their peers to get to know them in new and exciting ways—even if nobody speaks.

Bridge the Generational Gap with Exciting Family-Friendly Movies

It can be hard for children and their grandparents to bond, especially if those grandparents live in a retirement community away from their family. With a selection of community movies and a media room, though, connecting across the generations becomes easy. As we said, everyone can enjoy a good flick!

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