Do you own or operate a multi-unit housing business, senior living facility, or hotel or resort? If so, you should consider installing a home movie theater to enhance your business. When you invest in a centralized area like this, you can provide your customers or residents with a place to escape the real world for a while, as well as a place to make friends and bond. Not only can home theaters improve resident and guest happiness, but they can also attract new customers, which can improve your business. Here, our team of audio/visual design and installation experts at Aufderworld will discuss some things to keep in mind if you are considering installing a home theater for your business.

Its Purpose

The primary thing you need to consider when you are considering adding a home theater to your business is the purpose of the room. Though they are similar, movie theaters and media rooms are different in a few specific ways. While you can install both of them, most businesses invest in either one or the other. Media rooms are designed to serve multiple functions, such as a movie theater, game room, communal gathering place, and more. On the other hand, movie theaters are designed specifically as movie theaters. With a movie theater, the lighting, sound, chairs, and everything in between are designed to replicate a traditional movie theater. Meanwhile, media rooms can be switched around to serve several purposes. So, when you are considering adding a movie theater, you need to ensure that its sole purpose will be to replicate a movie theater, or you need to install a media room instead.

Screen Quality

An area Aufderworld specializes in is projectors and screens for a variety of purposes. Whether you are interested in a TV installation for your theater or a projector to display your movies, we can do both. Your screen or projector will be properly hooked up with your sound and lighting systems to ensure everything works the way you need it to, and your residents and guests get an enjoyable experience.

Lighting and Sound

Other than the picture and being comfortable, what is the most important crucial aspect of a positive movie theater experience? The lighting and sound aspects of the theater are what truly make you feel immersed in the experience. When you come to Aufderworld for your business’s home theater needs, you will get an experienced team to create a solution for you from top to bottom. We will come to your business to examine the space you want to install the theater in before designing a theater customized for you. We will work with your ideas and budget to install the best lighting and sound equipment on the market. Additionally, you will be able to control both of these factors to what you desire for that particular instance.



Once you decide to designate one specific room to be a movie theater, you need to focus on what makes a movie theater unique. One of those aspects is the seating. We’ve all been to a movie theater where the seats are old and beat down to the point where you’re sitting uncomfortably for two hours. For that reason, one of the first things you should do when you begin to plan your movie theater is to consult with an experienced team, so you have access to the highest-quality materials to ensure your residents and guests are comfortable.

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