Doing business post-pandemic is challenging for most industries, but the right audio-visual tech can make things more than a little bit easier. By providing necessary information more brightly, digital signage can serve as an entertainment hub or simplify the control of various building fixtures.

The right tech can make your care facility easier to inhabit or your business more streamlined and profitable. What tech does your business need to stand out in 2023?

Check out Aufderworld’s recommendations for audio-visual installations to make your property or facility shine this year.

Commercial DIRECTV Provides Affordable Entertainment

Though streaming services are on the rise in popularity, many businesses that provide housing can’t afford to pay the multiple subscription fees month after month; while those fees may look cheap up-front, they do add up. Aufderworld further covers the issue of streaming services in our blog.

Even if affordability isn’t a concern, though, there still exists a vast group of facilities that refuse to pay a comparatively large fee if their clientele only enjoys a few shows that are accessible with that particular streaming service.

Enter commercial DIRECTV: With a wide variety of channels and optional access to everyone’s favorite sport - football - your facility’s tenants will never be bored again.

And, even better, you’ll never have to pay those pesky subscription fees to keep up with client demand. 

Control Systems Offer Seamless Integration

You know logistical efficiency is paramount if you run a business full of hustle and bustle, such as a sports bar or retail establishment. But you’d be surprised how much simple things like dimming the lights or changing television channels can impact this.

Especially if the remote happens to get lost in the shuffle, as it so often does, these seemingly subtle factors make all the difference. With a control system from Aufderworld, your workers can manage a variety of your building’s features in one place, such as lighting, audio, and televisions.

A commercial control system can easily simplify your staff’s workday. They’ll thank you, and the gratitude will show up in improved customer service.

Digital Signage Gives Your Facility Functional Entertainment

Is your staff exasperated because tenants keep asking for information that’s been posted on the apartment billboard for years? Perhaps you just need to make that information brighter – literally speaking.

Digital signage provides illuminated, eye-catching information on everything from directions to the weather, updating passersby on whatever they need to know to make the most out of their time with your business. Redundant questions or confused guests will become a thing of the past, so enjoy your newfound productivity.

Commercial Hearing Loops Expand Your Customer Reach

These days, inclusivity is all the rage in businesses everywhere. As a result, it’s becoming more and more expected that companies do their part to open their services to as many people as possible. And this is a great thing, seeing as it can significantly boost your profits.

One way to take advantage of this trend and offer better service is using hearing loops for the hearing impaired. For practical purposes, though, know that they can directly transfer sound to a client’s hearing aid. This gives them better-quality audio and, thus, a better-quality experience overall.

Video Walls Make Your Business Big & Bold

While digital walls functionally display information, video walls can do it with a bang. They’re more than a few commercial televisions meshed together, though that’s what they may look like when turned off.

Instead, they act as a single, gigantic screen, allowing you to revolutionize the ambiance of a given space with a massive moving picture or bright graphics. They can also be used similarly to digital signage: to portray information.

Should You Use a Video Wall or Digital Signage?

They’re two similar audio-visual upgrades but have two incredibly different functions. While video wall systems are undoubtedly dazzling, bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, digital signage is the smarter, more practical option.

The best way to stand out this year is to use both appropriately. But while that sounds easy in text, it can get trickier when the rubber meets the road. Our advice as an audio-visual company: consider the purpose of the given piece of equipment.

Video walls have more aesthetic potential, while digital signage focuses more on functionality. The former can work as the latter in a pinch, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

Media Rooms Bring People Together

At Aufderworld, we offer clients a range of commercial audio-visual services, including commercial media room installations. These services work for hotels and resorts, healthcare facilities, senior living facilities, and other multi-unit housing buildings.

Media rooms are more than entertainment or a type of digital signage. They can serve as a much-needed escape.

You can customize your business’s media room with the help of our commercial entertainment installers. You may install TV or movie viewing capabilities, gaming, and entertain your patients, residents, or guests.

DIRECTV services are also available, providing them with DVR, over 100 channels, picture clarity, and advanced TV systems. Stand out in 2023 with a media room created by industry-leading technology!

Sound Masking Enhances Privacy & Comfort

Need to protect confidential conversations or simple peace and quiet? Sound masking is what you are looking for. Many facilities have open floor plans to create a more welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. However, you sometimes need to rely on technology to keep conversations in specific areas private.

Our sound masking systems mask sound by radiating the white noise in the room to reverberate throughout the space, creating a quiet noise that overrides noise, such as conversations that may be confidential. The three main components of Aufderworld sound masking services include sensors, controllers, and speakers.

CCTV Deters Crime & Records Suspicious Activity

Most of us are familiar with CCTV, but if you aren’t, it stands for closed-circuit television. Commercial CCTV services are a great way to deter crime on your premises and record any criminal or suspicious behavior in real-time.

However, while a sign indicating CCTV in a business helps deter crime, a CCTV monitoring system can successfully be hidden from patients, visitors, residents, or guests.

Aufderworld can offer the technology necessary to view and control the cameras with a centralized system. You work with a tablet or mobile device to monitor the cameras, a wall mount, and more. CCTV is a simple way to keep your property safe.

Aufderworld Has All the Tech Your Business Needs for 2023

Aufderworld can help you find the best A/V services for your business in 2023. The world is changing, technology is evolving, and the experts with Aufderworld want to help your business stay a step ahead of the competition.

So leap into the technological future today with AV in from Aufderworld. To learn more, give our Minneapolis office a call at 763-233-7700.